A long shot

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"A long shot" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

A crap shoot
uzak bir olasilik
Tuer deux lièvres.
Одним выстрелом убить двух зайцев
Matar dos liebres.

Meanings of "A long shot"


A try with little chances of success.

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by a big difference

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"Un tir de loin" = une tentative qui a peu de chances de succès.

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με μεγάλη διαφορά

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लिरिक्स में "A long shot"

Jennifer Lopez - Feel The Light

Shining like the stars tonight
Remember what we forgot
I know it's a long shot
But we're bringing it all back

Noir Désir - As it comes

You find you can’t make it up
From scratch like that
Catching such a long shot on the volley
As it comes

Luxuslärm - Unsterblich

that is trying to pull me down (into the depths)
but I don't surrender
no, not by a long shot
because there's much more to live for

Yevgeny Leonov - Who Come As Guests In Morning Time?

One morning, when breakfast was long over and lunch was a long shot to think about Winnie-the-Pooh strolled around with his friend Piglet making up a new song.

-Trum-pah-pum... … No, it won’t do
Troom-puh-poom…. Puh-poom-puh-room

Rockit Gaming - I Hate You (Freddy vs Bendy, Pt. 3)

While I'm feedin' through my TORTURE
Heard you play music
I'm better by a long shot
Rockin' out hard like a jazzing swing

Casper - 230409

Love is guzzling broken glass, waiting how much blood you'll
Despite a good start in construction, four walls do not by a long shot make a
house (baby, no)

Charlie Cunningham - Own Speed

To gather what we've got,
And hold it.
It's not a long shot,
It's not a full stop,

Zara Larsson - Weak Heart

Yeah I, I, I, I have
When it comes to you
I put my money on a long shot
(I gotta, I gotta, I gotta)

Florent Mothe - Shake hands

I've every intention of making my way
But I feel like it's taking a long shot
I put pressure on myself, confronted with my destiny

Narsha - Mamma Mia

This can be dangerous troubling again
I haven’t ran enough by a long shot mama mia oh oh oh
You getting the feel yet? That’s so marvelous

Adam Angst - Shrapnel Of Grenades

We cheer to our life within our selfimposed confines***

This wasn't everything by a long shot
In Cairo and in Kiev people are being cornered

Eminem - Cocaine

Now all you need's an image to go with the name, baby
Wifebeaters and white t-shirts, Hanes mainly
It's a long shot, but is it possible? There's a lane, maybe
If not he's gon' have to come and change the whole game, ain't he?

Amanda Marshall - Dark Horse

Because we knew

It may be a long shot
We may get lonely down the line

Joe Budden - NBA

LeBron James on that break
Real estate with that lake
Shootin from half court got you by a long shot
Montana, that nigga from the Bronx block

Demi Lovato - Пока все здорово

Я стартую[fn]off to the races- быть на начальном этапе активной деятельности, предвкушать нечто новое, захватывающее[/fn]
И мне везет[fn]go places- преуспевать в чем-либо; в прямом значении - путешествовать[/fn]
Возможно, я рискую[fn] a long shot - рискованное предприятие, авантюра[/fn]
Но не упущу свой шанс

The Buggles - Elstree

I had a dream on a back lot
And saw my life like a long shot
I smile at faces in a picture parade

Martin Solveig - The Night Out

Hey baby, what's that sound?
I make a few steps and I fall to the ground.
It's a long shot but darling couldn't love any more,
Come on come on

Crazy Town - Beautiful

To take a fucked up life to a beautiful state.
Because I came from the bottom so I treasure the top,
At times it seems these dreams are just a long shot,
When the world's crashing down and the drama won't stop,

Freya Ridings - Shrine

The chance that I'm taking, oh oh
I'm leaving myself open
It ain't a long shot, I'm certain, oh oh
I won't roll another try

Transviolet - Long Shot

Between you or a long shot
Or a long shot, or a long shot
Or a long shot