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Verse 1:
And you've lighted up the Marlboro
Marlboro, Marlboro and began to sob.
Isn't that a "Santa-Barbara"1,
Barbara, I'm racking my brain2.
All the feral guys in the yards
in the yards, in the yards came to their sense at once.
And you've lighted up the Marlboro
Marlboro, Marlboro and began to sob.
Don't peer at windows, there's a fog.
I'm an useless musician.
Madam, lead me with your fires
through extensive valleys for years.
We'll look all over the world
for that sun,
but won't be able to find it ever again.
Gusts of wind
have stopped
the guide
of forgotten overpasses3.
I was dying,
was going too far.
Sometimes the horror is reality,
and brother was taking the revolver out of the holster.
I got cold feet.
We've turned souls inside out.
These rainclouds won't let me breathe.
'twere best not know myself.
I was adding some sense to the life.
I was banishing the routine far away.
And now Armageddon or the completion
is hanging over us like guillotine.
The world is not enough,
we grow beyond your years.
You should translate to everyone
let they don't give up. Chin up!
Refrain (x2):
C'mon, imagine,
it's not easy.
Stars didn't hound us advisedly.
When the spite unmasked - run away.
Warn us against the Evil One.
Apparently, I'm not old enough.
The destiny won't allow to turn up my nose.
Over there far away the kids and olds.
Over there up there the kids and olds.
Verse 2:
Don't throw me off.
These walls are my skin.
I've made music on my AKAI
till hallucinations and shouts of random bystanders.
I'm not changing,
I'm the same person.
Don't imagine me again
as a kind of bad one.
I have in mind to worry you
like Takeshi Kitano.
Good evening, mummy,
I'm the same Panama hat and hands4,
that reached for the sky [in childhood],
but I conduct myself amiss,
but you say me anyway
again that I'm a good.
Refrain (x2)
  • 1. TV-series, very sentimental
  • 2. It's not evident, who is racking whose brain
  • 3. not sure I've understood and translated this sentence correctly
  • 4. lit: palms
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MiyaGi: टॉप 3
IgeethecatIgeethecat    गुरु, 27/06/2019 - 16:50

feral guys -- I like this choice of the words about the men, это точно - они из зоопарка сбежали Teeth smile

These rainclouds don't give me to breathe -- won't let me breathe, maybe?

I was feeling the cold in my legs -- here, IMHO "[I] got cold feet" will work

Намеренно нас не травили звёзды -- a "травить" здесь разве не "hound/hunt"?

Apparently, I'm not old enough.
The destiny won't allow to turn up your nose. -- if "I" am not old enough, then why "your" nose?

I'm the same panama and palms,
that reached for the sky -- высокие пальмы в Панаме выросли Regular smile подумайте над этими строками

Pinchus ZelenogorskyPinchus Zelenogorsky    गुरु, 27/06/2019 - 17:13

Спасибо огромное, ща поправим.
>got cold feet
Это подходит для "холода по ногам" от страха? Тогда отлично!

Я подумал, что звезды не подсыпали яда. Но Вы правы, звезды именно не загоняли как свора собак.