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Marquise, if my face
has some rather aged features
remember that at my age
you won't have any better ones.
[first stanza is repeated]
Time likes to make
the most beautiful things look bad
and will know how to fade your roses
just as it has wrinkled my brow.
[second stanza is repeated]
The same course of the planets
rules our days and our nights :
I've been seen as you are,
and you will be as I am.1
[third stanza is repeated]
Maybe sometime I'll be old,
replied Marquise, however
I'm twenty six, my old Corneille,
so for now just go and get knotted.
[fourth stanza is repeated]
  • 1. i.e "I once looked young and you will look old"
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Marquise doen't mean Marchioness in this song, it was the nickname of Thérèse Du Parc, an actress in Molière's company to whom Corneille (and several others) took a fancy (and got nowhere - she had a husband who was an actor in the company). She never reached age 52 (Corneille's age when he wrote his love poem for her in 1658), but died in 1668 at age 35.
The first three stanzas are the first half of Corneille's love poem for her. The fourth is a response invented by Tristan Bernard, a French playwright, novelist, journalist, film script-writer, veoldrome manager, and lawyer.

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