Marty Robbins - I Eish Tay Ma Su (I Love You)


I Eish Tay Ma Su (I Love You)

I eish tay ma su, she cried
I eish tay ma su
In my heart you've made room,
Must you end it so soon?
I eish tay ma su
Is my world to be full of tears for me?
Was I born to be blue in a world without you?
I eish tay ma su
Like the falling leaves will flutter
When a storm comes o'er
I am trembling as the moment comes to part
Like the sparrow with a broken wing will rise no more
I will never rise above my broken heart
Then we said goodbye
And some more we cried
As my ship sailed away
I knew I would return to Japan someday
I cannot forget two brown eyes that wept
Two browns eyes so true, two brown eyes so blue
I eish tay ma su
I eish tay ma su
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According to google translate, Ai shi teru ma su is "I love you " in Japanese

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