Marty Robbins - Song Of The Bandit

  • आर्टिस्ट: Marty Robbins ( Martin David Robinson)
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Song Of The Bandit

Long long ago in old Wyoming lived a maid
Fair as the sweetest flower bloomin' in the shade
She loved a bandit bold
Who roamed the prairie o'er
And every night she'd listen for his call
Then far the west his voice came ringing
Ridin' wild horse he came singing
Hee li oli yip ioli ay
Hee li oli yip ioli yip ay oli ya
He brings a token of his love
Swift as the wind he goes
For high as the hills he knows she's waiting
For his hee li oli yip ioli ay
One day he rode away but never to return
Danger was waitin' now
His love must never yearn
Long days and lonely nights
She waited all in vain
Till winter passed
And summer came again
Still every night when the moon came shining
For his song her heart was pining
Hee li oli yip ioli ay
Hee li oli yip ioli...
One night an angel brought
A message from her love
Told her he waited in the starry sky above
Softly she closed her eyes
And bade the angel go
And then the whole world
Echoed to his song
For straight down a moonbeam he came
Ridin' out of the sky on a winged horse glidin'
Hee li oli yip ioli ay
Hee li oli yip ioli...
Hee li oli yip ioli ay hee li oli yip ioli ay
Singin' hee li oli yip ioli ay
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