Me ollaan ne part 2 (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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We are the ones part 2

We are the ones
who will never leave here
We are the ones
who make icehalls make some noise
We are the ones, so you are who you are
when we start to spill.
Give me that bottle
one doesn't even get drunk from your dose.
At the club with socks and sandals
rappers are vandals in the backstage.
Going with a rolex on my wrist
it said sorry to you
You born on a family, friends are what you pick
and it goes like that
sometimes we're fighting, in the end we just hug
and be like before
we drag a team on my side
who have no idea of me
atleast recent years I have owned this game
You haven't done your homework
make notes when moguls speak
partying with a great gang
so wide I can't even seperate truth from the rumors
It sounds like I exagerate, but everything is fact
finnish dreams
we brought the teamspirit back
we dictated what people listened here
A unit moves units
Icehalls sell out, he gets used to that
we have come a long way,
paid back for the doubters
the Stadion taught them how to behave
we have acomplished our goals
we are still the ones who make the words beacome reality.
We are the ones
who will never leave here
We are the ones
who make icehalls make some noise
we have changed the games
for years known this fame
we are the ones
we have the paste to bake with
we have what you don't
we are the ones
We are the ones who dominate with Nikke's killer lines
Like I had eaten some limitless pills
With Cheek, we rock Icehalls,
cook some jingles and pick up models
And it's not a joke
I'm his brother
too good rapper, so don't even try bro
we are the ones who trained
and it was worth listening
we are the ones who work at your dream job
punches like Lahti haali on the side like it's his last stitch
when you can't even spit just like Rose on Titanic
We are the ones who really raise the levels
the ones whose tracks these DJs play on their decks mate
the ones you don't want to eat a steak with
and they turned you a vegetarian mate
Jose turned wine into water, mate
Jussi turned his flow into banknotes
The jefes of their own lives
they speak, they do, they are rappers for once
your stake is just too semi mate
your stake is just too low mate
we are the heavyweight of this game
but if you challange them anyway
They punch so hard that you'll drop
and the referee has to whistle that game to stop
Jare or Jare, not doing bad
I'm just trying to be nice to you
the mood of this time is that
your first chain is my last
although I would keep my mouth shut
and the windows would be darker
everyone heard it a while ago
and it's now on the sportnews too
I, us and whole Stadi are like at home
You and your gang, i wouldn't bet on that
a Yokofan or my cocos
no time to go on rallies
because now we got back in these Icehalls
We are the ones who party at Ruisrock
In the morning I think whats wrong with my memory
We might need police again
when we cruise from Ilosaari to be landlords at Provinssi
And there I'll rap ratatatatatatatatatattaa
I don't get tired so easily, won't get stuck today
And don't you get burned on agony so easily too
freezing hunger to rap joking some nifty shit
adjust and twist and stack jacks on my hand
these shady guys, yelp easily when drunk
we rule and leave these raps in the dark
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Me ollaan ne part 2

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