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My Regrets

No need to get up to listen to me
Sorry to disturb you on such a beautiful evening
Your wedding dress is made for marriage
My regrets, my regrets
Do not be afraid of me I will not disturb
Your happiness that begins where my joy ends
I really did not know that in one night we could ...
But what's the point, what's the point ...
What good is it to say that life is only possible with you?
You are not listening to me
You do not see me
How far are you already
If one hour one night we could meet again
I said stupid and empty words
I must forgive myself I have not yet ...
Accustomed, accustomed
It must be said that everything changes so quickly
I have to close my eyes to see you as before
No do not speak
In me I hear your voice as before, as before
She tells me words this voice
How far it is
But talk, do something, do not leave me
Go away like that
Sorry for disturbing such a beautiful evening
I came first and foremost to ask you
Not to come back, only not to smile
Not smile, do not smile
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Mes regrets

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