Mil memorias [All Is Found] (Latin Spanish) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Mil memorias [All Is Found] (Latin Spanish)

Donde se unen viento y mar
Un rio lleva mil memorias que hay.
Duerman ya y en calma estén,
Pues él conserva lo que fué.
En sus aguas, hay verdad
Y a tus dudas te responderá.
Su voz honda buscarás,
Si lejos vas será el final.
A quien escuche cantará,
Y en su canción la magia va…
Más di si puedes soportar
Y enfrentar que ha de revelar.
Donde se unen viento y mar,
Una madre mil memorias trae.
A tu hogar has de volver,
Es donde está lo que se fué.
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A Thousand Memories

Where the wind meets the sea
There's a river that carries a thousand memories
Get some rest and be at peace
For the river will keep what once was
In its waters there's truth
And it will answer to your questions
You may search for its voice in the deep
But if you go too far, it will be the end
It will sing to those who listen
And within its song there's magic
But you must tell if you can endure
And face what the river will reveal
Where the wind meets the sea
A mother carries a thousand memories
You may come back home
Where lies what once left
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