The more the merrier

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"The more the merrier" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

Je mehr, desto besser
ne kadar cok o kadar mutlu
plus on est de fous plus on rit
Càng đông càng vui
Cuantos más, mejor

Meanings of "The more the merrier"


That will be better

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... daha güzel olur

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लिरिक्स में "The more the merrier"

Charles Aznavour - One Day We Will Meet Again

Christmas or Pentecost
In Rio de Janeiro or in Moscow
The more the merrier (3)
One day we will meet again

O.S. - Autumn Fairy Tale of the Dragon’s Treasure

‘Get off your horse, sit closer to the flames—
Why ride all night but for some urgent matter?
Come rest, the more the merrier, unless
One takes the road to drown themselves, I gather.

O.S. - An autumn tale of dragon treasures

" Come forth and sit by the fire.
No point in hurrying at night.
The more, the merrier, that is,
unless you plan on getting drowned.

Kell Smith - Breathe Love

Well, you're lucky at games just because you're loved
And if you save up, you gets miserable
The more, the merrier

Rent (musical) - Are You Okay, Honey?

How red you've become, sweet!
The more the merrier, invite your friends!
And I won't take "no!"

Egor i Opizdenevshie - Ivan's Childhood

[*]A paraphrase of the Russian equivalent of the English saying "the more the merrier", literally translated as "It's a cram but no one is offended".

Olivia Ruiz - The Tango of Whatever

I am whomever I resemble
Who I resemble and assemble
The more the merrier, all joyful
Let’s go join the company