Mourir pour des idées (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

To die for some ideas

To die for some ideas, that's an excellent idea.
Me, I nearly died from not having had it,
Because all those who did have it, a most oppressive mob,
Fell upon me, screaming wildly.
They managed1 to convince me and my insolent muse,
Renouncing her errors, is coming over to their faith
With, however, a touch of reservation:
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon,
OK, but not too soon.
Judging that it's not perilous to hang about
Lets head towards the other world dawdling on the way
Because, forcing the pace, we might end up dying
For ideas that that are out of fashion the next day.
Now if anything is a bitter and distressing thing
when rendering one's soul to God it's surely to admit
that one's gone the wrong way, not chosen the right idea.
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon,
OK, but not too soon.
The Saints John golden mouth2 who preach martyrdom
Most often, besides. hang about down here.
To die for some ideas, it's true to say this,
Is their reason to live, they won't deprive themselves of it.
In almost all camps you can see some who will supplant
Methusala soon in longevity
Fom this I conclude they must tell themselves, privately:
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon,
OK, but not too soon.
Ideas demanding the over-hyped sacrifice,
Sects of every kind offer their versions of its results
And the question becomes clear to new-come victims
To die for some ideas, that's fine, but which ones?
And because all of them3 are much the same
When he sees them coming with their great big banner
The wise man, hesitating, hangs around the tomb.
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon,
OK, but not too soon.
Also, if a few mass killings were enough
to make everything change, everything sort itself out!
After so many "big nights" when so many heads fell,
We'd already be there, in paradise on earth.
But the golden age unceasingly is postponed to next month,
The Gods are always thirsty, they never have enough
And it's death, every time death again:
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon,
OK, but not too soon.
Oh you, the rabble rousers, you, the sanctimonious apostles,
You can die first, then, we won't get in your way
but, please, for pity's sake, let other people live!
their lives are, roughly speaking, their only luxury down here;
Because, in the end, Death is quite careful enough,
she doesn't need anyone to hold her scythe for her
No more macabre dancing around the scaffolds!
Let's die for some ideas, OK, but not too soon
OK, but not too soon.
  • 1. literally: "knew how"
  • 2. St John Chrysotom and his ilk
  • 3. the sects
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

I found it irritating to see a stanza of 8 lines and a half line written as 19 lines, so the translation uses the same lines as Brassens put in the printed edition of his poetry, with blank lines to to make it match up vertically with the lyrics as given here. Using the line length chosen by Brassens it's possible almost always to arrange the words so that the ideas in the English are on the same lines as they are in French without turning the English into convoluted nonsense, which would be the inevitable result of trying to make the ides match line for line in the short line version which has been used for some unknown reson in the transcription.

One diversion from normal English usage is that I've used exclamation marks in mid-sentence some times, because the French original does that.

Too literal a translation would be very wrong in some places - for example "de mort lente" taken literally word by word means "by slow death", and in English a slow death is a very bad thing not a good thing; but here in the French version it clearly means "not dying too soon". So I've aimed for accuracy of meaning rather just than matching words.

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Mourir pour des idées

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