Myatalo Lenche yabalka (Мятало Ленче ябълка) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Myatalo Lenche yabalka (Мятало Ленче ябълка)

Мятало Ленче ябълка,
мятало и наричало:
"На кому падна ябълка,
за него ще се оженя".
Ябълка падна на старец.
Старец се много зарадва,
засука мустак нагоре,
заклати брада надоле.
Викнало Ленче да плаче:
"Оле лe, майко, майчице,
какво ще правя тоз` старец?"
Майка на Ленче думаше:
"Я мълчи, Ленче, не плачи,
дървари в гора ша идат
и ние стaрeц ще пратим.
Дървари в гора ще идат
и ние старец ще пратим,
дано го дърво убие,
дано го мечки изядат. "
Дървари от гора се връщат,
нашият старец най-напред,
на рамо дърво носеше,
мечка за ухо водеше.
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Lenche was throwing an apple

Lenche1 was throwing an apple,
Throwing and saying wishes:
“To whom this apple goes
For him I’ll get married!”
The apple went to an old man.
The old man gets very happy.
He groomed his moustaches upwards
And shook his beard downwards
Lenche began crying:
“Oh, dear mother,
What I’m going to do with this old man?”
Mother said to Elena:
“Don’t say a word, Lenche, stop crying,
The loggers will go in the forrest
And we will send the old man with them.
The loggers will go in the forrest
And we will send the old man with them.
Let’s pray that a tree will fall over him,
Let’s pray that bears will eat him.”
The loggers come back from the forest.
Our old man leads them.
On his shoulder he bore a whole tree
And with the other hand he led a bear by the ear.
  • 1. Diminutive for Elena
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