Não Vês (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Don't You See It?

Our love was like an April evening
That is as elusive as being happy
I don't know if it was for life being the way it is
It turned us upside down, don't you see it? Don't you see it?
Our love was like an endless morning
As impossible as not dying
It stopped being or it will be, because the Devil is the way he is
He plays with me, hiding, don't you see it? Don't you see it?
Now we are like two strangers that go by, just like that
Like two more strangers who are left behind
I'm still in love
And you go on not knowing if you were loved
Or if I wanted you sometime. Don't you see it? Why?
We ran into each other some other times and it was always the same
Like two more strangers who are left behind
And this stranger has been being surrendering
Until he looks like the palm of your hand
And you've been only acting
And I, knowing that you were lying, didn't say anything
You ask me if I loved you? Why don't you see it?
I had already guessed
But you still don't believe it: it's over!
At least once, listen to me: Why? Don't you see it?
See the two of us here, saying goodbye
Translation done by Alma Barroca. In case you want to reprint it, please ask for permission first and always cite my name as its author. /
Tradução feita por Alma Barroca. Caso você queira reutilizá-la, por favor peça por permissão antes e sempre cite meu nome como o do autor.
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Não Vês

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