Nos Souvenirs (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Our memories

Without you, night is without lights.
It is said that the land forgets those memories.
Fallen leaves that twirl with my every step.
The past walks with me.
Autumn and its peaceful time
And the city streets made our memories.
I was pretty without knowing it and I'd smile, I was pretty
to love you.
In this sleepy town where our loves stroll
I make a wish and I raise my eyes, my Lord, how he's returning to me.
And me, this morning that dawns
I'd like for him to become one of our memories
For the story one day lost at life's corner
Starts anew today.
I see you come to me, perhaps I'm dreaming.
Perhaps you're here, this time, so, I want to tell you.
Take me, the future will be sweet.
I only waited for you throughout each night.
We embrace to erase all our memories.
Everything begins today.
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Nos Souvenirs

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