Obsesión (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी


संस्करण: #1#2#3
It’s five in the morning
and I haven’t slept anything
thinking about your beuty, I’m going crazy
the insomnia is my punishment
your love will be my relief
and until you’re not mine I won’t live in peace
today I got to know your boyfriend, small and not handsome
I can tell he don’t want you, by the way he talks
Besides, you don’t love him, because he doesn’t measure up,
he don’t know how to please you the way I would do
but I will have patience because he’s not competition
thus there is no reason for me to respect him
No, it is not love, what you are feeling, it’s called obsession,
an illusion in your mind, that makes you do things,
this is how the heart functions
well dressed and in my Lexus,
I passed by your school, they informed me...
that you left, like a lunatic I went to reach you,
I searched you and didn’t find you,
and this made me worried,
to soothe my anxiety, I wanted to call you,
but I did not have your number,
and your friend had already denied me it,
looking good helped me a lot,
and this brought me the solution,
I know that she liked it,
and I gave her a look,
with a pair of cute words
she gave me your number,
I called you from de cellphone,
and you did not answer,
then I put you on a “search”
and there was no connection
my only hope,
is that you hear my words
I can’t, I have boyfriend
don’t hook me please
I made an appointment with a psychiatrist
to see if it would help,
you see I do no longer have any friend
‘cause I only talk about you,
what I want is to talk to you,
to try to kiss you
be passion of an obsession that could never die.
And maybe you think I am stupid, rogue, and crazy too,
but it’s just that in the matter of love I am very original
I fell in love like others,
I seduce in my way,
to love is my talent,
I’m gonna fall in love with you,
Forgive me if I offend you
but it’s just that I’m honest
in great detail
listen to my version
pure cream and chocolate,
spread and devour,
take yourself to another world
in your mind, my love.
Come live an adventure
let’s do thousands of insanities
I’m gonna caress you in ways they haven’t invented.
No es amor, no es amor, es una obsesion (repeat til fade)
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