An odyssey

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Meanings of "An odyssey"


A long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Οδύσσεια - μτφ.: πορεία ζωής γεμάτη ταλαιπωρία και περιπέτειες.
Παρόμοιο: Γολγοθάς - μτφ. δρόμος/ πορεία ανηφορική και " σταυρική", γεμάτη πόνο και θυσίες.
Παρόμοιο: " Πέρασε του Ιησού τα Πάθη"!

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Uzun ve maceralı yolculuk

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लिरिक्स में "An odyssey"

Ozuna - Odyssey

who will take care of my family?
in this world of betrayal
it's been an odyssey
tell me, what will become of me?

Daddy Yankee - Goodbye

Can strengthen confidence
And it ends up
Being an Odyssey
That's the reason, but my heart

Victor Leksell - Everything to Me

'Cause you know that if you fall, fall,
I won't ever smile, won't ever smile
And we are an odyssey, odyssey
But no one else seems to understand

Ozuna - Odyssey

Who will look after my family?
In this world of treachery
It has been quite an odyssey
Tell me, what will become of me?

Kvelertak - Night Journey

Light glares with it absence
Dying sun
An odyssey between razor-sharp reefs
In a pilot seat

Daddy Yankee - Goodbye

that love long distance
makes confidence stronger
and it ends being an Odyssey
this is right but my heart

Jaden Smith - Riot

I can't breathe when you're not with me
Say your body on fleek, but I need to see
Girl, this an odyssey
All these problems in these sheets

Ardian Bujupi - Arigato

Head is on party pilot
Half a million is my advance on the album
My life is an odyssey
Today in the sports coupe, ah-yes-yes

Starset - Echo

I used to be divinity
I used to be a god in my mind
Sailing in an Odyssey
I didn't know I was blind

Daddy Yankee - The Goodbye

Let Love In The Distance
The Confiansa and End Strength
Being An Odyssey
That is the reason But My Heart

Alizée - Amélie Told Me

Amélie has gold to give
Melody of life, an odyssey
Amélie is like friendship

Daddy Yankee - The Goodbye

That a distant love
Strengthens trust and ends
Up being an Odyssey
That is the reason but my heart

Chima - Journey Into the Blue

You're a journey into the blue
A trip around the world
The end of an odyssey
To myself

Georges Moustaki - Brains' flowers

...ving its cobweb,
Is making a hammock for my thoughts
That, thence, dreaming of an odyssey,
Set sail.

Daddy Yankee - FAREWELL

That a love in a distance
grows stronger the trust and ends up
Being an odyssey
It's a reason, but my heart

Modern Talking - shooting star

you are shooting star
so strange are the ways of love
it's like an odyssey
but I can't get enough,oho

Kerli - Zero Gravity

I'm as light as I can be
You got me feeling weightless
You take me on an odyssey
You got me feeling weightless

Jennifer Lopez - Step Into My World

Endless possibilities (oooh)
Let me take you to a place where desires flow deep
See an odyssey of dreams (odyssey of dreams)
And the best of fantasies


We are on an odyssey to the METAL GALAXY.
Please fasten your neck brace to headbang.
Are you still playing the guitar?
This ain't heavy metal.

Seka Aleksić - An odyssey

for whom the waterways change its navigation,
I'll lose the compass of my soul with you.
An odyssey, like an anchor it throws me into an abyss,
like a sailor bound to the helm