Ohroženej druh (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Endangered Species

I wander down the street and the morning pavement is chilly
Sometimes I feel like an endangered species
Night drinking sprees are a little bit boring lately
The sunrise is sooner and the air is heavy
Take off your clothes, don't wait, the time flies fast
Can you feel the salt falling from the heaven on us?
That's the Lord crying for his abandoned children
There is a lot of everything, but still only a half
So better do to me what I like
What I fancy
Do to me what I like
Now and at once
And I will promise you, that I won't sleep with any other woman
You are lying next to me, the bed is blotting the rest of the wine
On the ceiling there is a buffalo, that is falling off
It was enough to say that you are strange, a little bit different
Stupid crap, it seems to me
So better...
I'm standing on the rock like a fool in the warm rain
And I would like to take back all the wounds I gave
I worry a little, only one step and I can fly
Somewhere away and so much further
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Ohroženej druh

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