Ona ne vyshla zamuzh (Она не вышла замуж) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Ona ne vyshla zamuzh (Она не вышла замуж)

Она не вышла замуж за хромого еврея,
Она не вышла замуж за седого араба,
Ее не прельщали ни Чикаго, ни Бейрут, ни Ханой -
Она хотела каждый вечер возвращаться домой.
(Она жила на Сумской).
Ее подруга говорила: "Ну какая ты дура!
Ведь там такая жизнь, там такая культура,
Там выступает Майкл Джексон, там - Мадонна,
там играет Ван Дамм.
Мне бы твое - давно была бы там!"
Но она не шла на провокационные споры,
Ей надоели псевдозаграничные разговоры.
Она молча доедала свой ужин, она ложилась спать,
Сославшись на то, что ей очень рано вставать...
У нее был парень, гитарист и певец,
О нем говорили: "Это полный вперед!",
Он играл буги-вуги, пел блюзы и рок'н'ролл,
Он курил анашу, пил вино, употреблял димедрол.
Она любила его - он отвечал ей постелью,
Она мечтала стать второй его тенью,
Она терпеливо дожидалась из гастролей его.
Он приезжал, напивался и орал, что Совок - дерьмо.
Он называл ее "baby", а она его - "милый",
И ей не было тесно в ее тесной квартире,
Когда он заходил по ночам (в месяц раза три).
Ей хотелось кричать: "Возьми меня, любимый, возьми!"
А он трахался молча, потом мгновенно засыпал,
Потом она - на работу, а он - на вокзал.
Гостиница, вино, телевизор, барабанщик-сосед,
Иногда кто-нибудь еще, кто сделает минет.
И оказалось, что она беременна с месяц,
А рок'н'ролльная жизнь исключает оседлость,
К тому же пригласили в Копенгаген на гастроли его.
И все кругом говорили: "Добился-таки своего!"
Естественно, он не вернулся назад:
Ну, конечно, там - рай, ну, конечно, здесь - ад.
А она? Что она - родила и с ребенком живет.
Говорят, музыканты - самый циничный народ.
Вы спросите: что дальше? Ну откуда мне знать...
Я все это придумал сам, когда мне не хотелось спать.
Грустное буги, извечный ля-минор.
Ну, конечно, там - рай, а здесь - ад.
Вот и весь разговор.
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अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी (metered, rhyming)
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She didn't get married...

संस्करण: #1#2
She didn't get married to the limping yehudi,
She didn't get married to the grizzled qatari,
She wasn't attracted by Chicago, or Beirut, or Hanoi.
Returning back home every evening that was all she enjoyed.
(She lived not far from Sumskoy)
Her friend would utter: "How could you be so dim-witted?!
You will see their culture, plus their lives are so vivid;
There are shows of Michael Jackson and Madonna,
and that actor - Van Damme.
If I had your looks, I would long ago be gone!"
But she wouldn't take part in the provocative disputes,
She had enough of these pseudo-immigrational minutes.
She would silently finish her supper, she would go to bed,
"Tomorrow I'm getting up so early", that's what she usually said.
And she had this boy, a guitarist from the rock club,
He had a reputation of a total fuck-up!
He would dance boogie-woogie, sing blues and play rock 'n' roll.
He was smoking hash weed, drinking wine and would take Dimedrol1.
She did love him, and she dreamed of becoming his shadow,
But all that he wanted was to get in her bedroom.
She patiently waited for him to come from his tour.
He would arrive, get drunk and would yell that sovók2 is so boor.
He called her "baby" and she called him "darling",
She never run out of space in her tiny apartment;
At times when he visited her at night (about three times a month)
She wanted to cry out: "Take me, take me now, my love!"
And he screwed her in silence, and then would doze off,
He would leave on a train; she would go to her work.
TVs and motels: he would drink wine with a drummer, his friend.
And occasional someone would show to give him head.
And it happened, that she was one month pregnant,
But the rock 'n' roll life doesn't mean a life stagnant;
Plus, he was invited to Copenhagen to play on a rock tour.
So everyone chatted: "He finally got what he wanted for sure!”
Predictably, he fell to the foreign life spell.
Well, of course, there is heaven; of course, here is hell.
How is she? What of her? She gave birth and she lives with her kid.
Rumor has it that musicians are the most cynical breed.
You ask me: What's the end of that story? How would I know?
I've made it all up during the sleepless night after some show.
This blue sounding boogie, the A minor chord.
Well, of course, there is heaven and here is hell.
That's my very last word.
© Schnurrbrat
Critique is always welcomed (proof-read or not, negative too).
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

I'm sick of this translation. My longest/slowest ever by far.
This translation is based on the lyrics from the apartment style concert in San Jose, CA.

Sophia_Sophia_    रवि, 10/11/2019 - 15:05

Спасибо за перевод, 42.

-This translation is based on the lyrics from the apartment style concert in San Jose, CA --->

Заменить "полный вперед" на "полный п...ц" ?

-She lived not far from Sumskoy--->
это Вы какой-то новый топоним изобрели Regular smile
Should be "Sumskaya street"

наш украинский модератор убежден, что здесь имеется в виду одна из центральных улиц Харькова.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    रवि, 10/11/2019 - 23:19

Thank you, Sophia.
1) I think that the source is fine in its current version. I just like the San Jose version and maybe i will use a footnote instead of my comment.
2) re: Sumskoy - yeah, I've anticipated this remark. Obviously you're right that it should be translated as Sumskaya Street, but I hate to break apart original rhymes based on unique geographical names/places. I want to keep it as it is. I don't want to invent anything else instead of Hanoi for an example. Although there are some solutions to this problem. "Not far from Bolshoy" - this line is possible, but it is out of her budget though.
Sumskaya street exists not only in Kharkiv (although that one is most well known), but also in Moscow and in ten other cities (at least in Russia).
I looked at most of them on the map when I was translating the 1st verse, looking for the solution of this ending problem.
In my edition, this line could mean the following: She lived not far from Sumskoy Market / Symskoi Rynok, which is located on Symskaya Street and which could be colloquially known as "Sumskoy". I don't know if I need a footnote there, cause for foreigners all slavic names are gibberish anyway.
I'm not sure about Sumskoy or Sumskoi - bot are possible.

Pinchus ZelenogorskyPinchus Zelenogorsky    रवि, 10/11/2019 - 23:24

А кто такой limping yehudi? Хромой еврей - это Иаков, он же Израиль.
А "псевдозаграничные" - это не псевдоиммигрантские.
А вообще - здорово, рифмы отличные и очень близко!

Pinchus ZelenogorskyPinchus Zelenogorsky    सोम, 11/11/2019 - 00:10

Ну да, для жителя древней Иудеи - нормально. Если Вы перешли вдруг на иврит - тоже. А так странно. Там ведь рифмы нет.
"Псевдозаграничные" в данном контексте - разговоры о всяких заграничных личностях и прелестях. "Псевдо" - потому что никто сам ничего не видел.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    सोम, 11/11/2019 - 00:31

Там ведь рифмы нет.
Yeah, but what about the meter? I think my first two lines there are the best two of the whole translation.
imho, "yehudi" is quite easy to understand, since it is not only used by the Jewish people, but also in a number of other languages.
I humbly think it is a great find by yours truly. Regular smile

Pinchus ZelenogorskyPinchus Zelenogorsky    सोम, 11/11/2019 - 00:48

Ладно, отстал. Мне хочется, чтобы намек на Иакова сохранился. А сейчас не понимаю - считывается ли он.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    सोम, 11/11/2019 - 00:59

the original line is "to the limping jew"
my version: "to the limping yehudi", where "yehudi" is a name for jews, preferred by the Jewish people themselves.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    रवि, 10/11/2019 - 23:57

Yes, "to" is normal, "with" is not. although it is still used (or was used in the past). Although, the use of "marry with someone" could be by not-native speakers. It seems that such structure (with "with") in normal to Spanish. I will change it.