A pain in the ass

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Meanings of "A pain in the ass"


Figuratively; Someone or thing that is irritating, a nuisance, tedious, obnoxious, aggravating. It's rude slang. "He doesn't do anything conscientiously, and he doesn't care about anyone else. He is such a pain in the ass."
Literally; Something that would cause pain and inflammation of the rectal/anal route such as hemorrhoids, etc..

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Biti jako naporan ili dosadan.

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baş belası

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लिरिक्स में "A pain in the ass"

REOL - This World: Loading...

Being told "do this" or "do that"
The nitpicking is a pain in the ass
There's no point to doing things like you're told

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

Don't pick on the weak, keep the jokes in a corner of your head
It'll fit into a text, a movie or a sketch
School's a pain in the ass, not much you can do about it
Stopping means leaving too soon for another misery

Koba LaD - Lifestyle

And I wake up, I shit
I live to sell this shit I get up in speed
A not very exciting lifestyle and a little bit of a pain in the ass sometimes
And I'm in the binks, I sell drugs, I avoid misery

Bad Bunny - I'm the devil

Until the day I die
Sorry to my bosses*
for being a pain in the ass*

Blondie - Heart of Glass

Once I had a love and it was a gas,
Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.
Seemed like the real thing only to find

Orelsan - Notes For Too Late

Don't ever target those who are weaker than you, keep those jokes in your head
They'll fit in a text, in a movie or in a skit
School is a pain in the ass, there isn't much you can do
To stop means going too early into another hell

Hamilton (musical) - Take A Break

Another Scottish tragedy without my having to name the play
They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly
I’m a polymath, a pain in the ass, a massive pain
Madison is Banquo, Jefferson’s Macduff

Big Fish (Musical) - Magic In The Man (Bonus Track)

'cause he always will circle back.
Sometimes he's like a tank full of laughing gas,
sometimes he's like a pain in the ass.

Descartes a Kant - Until the Day We Die

Til the day we die
No matter if we get fat
If we're a pain in the ass
We will master the art of tolerating ourselves

Josylvio - Mother

The nice thing about it all, you are also my bestie, you were also my bother, you were also my dad.
I caused a lot of turmoil in class
Was a pain in the ass to a lot of people
There is no one like you who gets me

BRATS - Brain Erasure Game

Take just one word
and so you can be heard, spread a rumor
A pain in the ass

Mali Vanili - Spain, my darling, this thing of us is not working

please don't bother to call me
please don't come after me
what a pain in the ass
please take it easy

RIDSA - Why?

Why do you laugh?
why do you sing?
and then why are you a pain in the ass?
I don't know

Orelsan - Social Suicide

Farewell to these committed pseudo-artists
Full of demagogic banalities in the windpipe
Listening to singers lecture me is a pain in the ass
Try to write some good lyrics before you preach it

Gang of Youths - Magnolia

Still honking those horns, yeah, just drive around
'Cause you're all being ignored, deadpan and bright
As I flip you the bird, I'm a pain in the ass
Yeah, I'm a real piece of work, just waving my arms like

Galileo Galilei - The Banana Fish and Beach and Black Rainbow

Just the same as the other city kids swimming in toys

Ah, I’m being such a pain in the ass
Can the black rainbow on the other side of this town’s sky be seen?

Limp Bizkit - Lonely World

It's like love, some people get it
For some it's just a glove that just never fitted
For me it's just a pain in the ass
But i'm addicted to the taste of hopin' it could last

Puya (Romania) - Somewhere in the Balkans

Bin Laden can come
To kidnap me, it's cool, it's nule
For all in country won't give a damn (lit. everyone in the country will have a pain in the ass)
We want money full, we don't rob banks, that's movies

Django DKZ - Flex

[Verse 1]
Gun, gun on the floor they'll say I'm a pain in the ass
You have very little interest like a handball fall

iPantellas - The Forgiveness

Come on, make an effort, surprise me
If you fail no more Fifa
You're a pain in the ass