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There's a war raging, dad. Swords from scabbards.
You son barely looks like himself anymore.
Serious eyes; I look inside myself.
Feeling the strength, feeling my love.
I feel that God likes my calm.
I wake, get dressed, pray and head off.
I measure my life in war's footsteps.
I dislike betrayal; I shun everything unworthy.
I try to feel the truth behind every word.
My soul is like the clear sky. Sometimes with tears in my eyes,
I speak with you, mentally.
I'm glad that I came to understand, dad, everything's inside of me. Why sweat?
Some people see war in the world*; I see peace* in war.
I take the microphone in my hands, go to the people and say what I believe.
Moscow, Tel Aviv,
Copacabana, Cape Town, New York, the whole world.
Listen to your heart; there are already many of us.
Our love, the name of our God.
I see people, dad: dull eyes.
Ruined dreams. Try to figure that out!
Like there's a person next to you, look closer,
And it's as if something changed inside.
Everyone's faces are serous; barely anyone smiles.
And throughout it all, miracles – every blink: we live, we breathe,
We bathe in the sun's rays, we give birth to children,
What's the point of it all if there's no happiness?
There's love where there is strength, dad: I know that for sure.
Some think it's in money, others in the barrel of a gun.
In my life, there were both.
Emptiness. God forbid dying for this.
There's so much love everywhere, dad. You just have to see it.
I thank God that He gave me this.
I don't brag about this. I'm don't want to offend anyone.
I appeal to those with heart.
I'm glad that I can talk to you about this, dad,
That the time hasn't come to say goodbye; that there's still so much ahead;
That eyes are shining, like in childhood; that I have somewhere to return;
That I have someone to ask for help;
That you understand me, dad; that I understand you;
That there are people in this world who were betrayed,
Who faithfully and lovingly surrender their thoughts to Heaven,
And on Earth, build a shrine, brick by brick, dad.
Here and there, I see: someone comes forward and says:
"I dedicate my life to dreams! I believe in miracles!"
I also believe. Or else, what's the point?
[Chorus x2]
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* "Peace" and "world" are the same word in Russian, so this line could be interpreted in several ways.


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