pave the way

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"pave the way" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

open the floodgates
alle Schleusen öffnen (sich)
yol açmak
ouvrir la voie à/ préparer le chemin à
मार्ग प्रशस्त करना

Meanings of "pave the way"


create the circumstances for something to happen in a big way.

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Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta
"pave the way" - already exists. Why do you keep doing it? - St. Sol १ महिना पहले

Прокладывать путь (дорогу), причем как в прямом, так и в переносном смысле. В последнем случае имеется в виду, что вы создаете условия (как бы подготавливаете почву) для какого-то события, например, для научного открытия.

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Explained by AlmitraAlmitra

लिरिक्स में "pave the way"

Tribalistas - Velha Infancia

Your are (are), my daylight
They guide me through the dark
Your feet pave the way/road
I'm going and I never feel lonely

Tribalistas - Old Childhood

Your eyes (are), my daylight
They guide me through the darkness
Your feet pave the way/road
I go through and I never feel lonely

Alborosie - Poser

Acknowledge the veteran, when you are just the next in line
Manners take you through the world, so respect god
The elders pave the way for the new offspring
Meditate on my words and heed my warning

grandson - Stigmata

There ain't no hero to save the day
Figure to pave the way quicker
To stave another day

Elisabeth das Musical - If I Want to Dance

For me
[der Tod]
For you shall pave the way for me

Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven

Feels like heaven
See how we planned for saddened eyes
And tears to pave the way
I fought the fever as I knew,

Eric Nam - Congratulations

Our last goodbye

You leave and I’ll pave the way
Let’s end on a high note baby

Alborosie - Poser

Acknowledge the veteran you just the next of king
Manners take you through the world so respect God wing
Big up the elders dem weh pave the way fi the next offspring
Meditate to mi words and take heed to mi warning

maNga - Even If They Turn Off The Lights

Give some advice to me, so make my body free
Give me a name that freaks everyone who hears it
Pave the way for me on the horizon, let me hit the road
Just believe me, I don't want anything else.

O.S. - Autumn Fairy Tale of the Dragon’s Treasure

And drizzle, with a trail of crystal drops,
Began to pave the way back to the knight’s home.
But that’s not what our warrior had hoped for;

Razmik Amyan - Tricolor

Let us be strong and masculine,
Let us pave the way for you, Armenia

Fabrizio De André - The Testament

who doesn't cares about decency
a certificate of merit
that will pave the way to her marriage

Chris Medina - We Try

But we try, we try, we try

We can build and pave the way
Just in case you forget, you know it's never too late

Udo Jürgens - With cream on top

Her coffin, instead of wreaths, was covered in sugared cakes
And the minister buried her with moving words
"May the Lord pave the way to heaven for her"
With cream on top, please! (With cream on top, please!)

Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer

Come on and let's be sure
Let's not pave the way

Bibi Zhou - I Choose to Like You

But only when life becomes lonely will I share this harvest.
In Heaven and Earth, not a single person is satisfied.
They only pave the way to the next mistake,
Working so hard only to be hypocritical.

Jayn - This Game

I want to rise up from flames and hear this new world cheer my name,
I see my destiny clear - and I don't care about what they may say,
I'll pave the way,
This is my chance to break through,

Deitus - Via Dolorosa

Murderer, can’t you hear the blood crying out
Birthed from the ashes of Eden blessed with hearts of stone
Let us burn the path of the righteous and pave the way
Let us swallow our tongues, let not man prevail

Epica - Dedicate Your Heart

This is the day that all men will remember
Until the end of our destiny
The arcs that shall pave the way to our victory
To our freedom

Aladdin (OST) - Prince Ali

Make room for Prince Ali!
Pave the way for Prince Ali!
Room, make room