Pianefforte 'e notte (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Pianefforte 'e notte

Nu pianefforte ‘e notte
sona luntanamente,
e ‘a museca se sente
pe ll’ aria suspirà.
È ll’una: dorme ‘o vico
ncopp’ a sta nonna nonna
‘e nu mutivo antico
‘e tanto tiempo fa.
Dio, quanta stelle ncielo!
Che luna! E c’ aria doce!
Quanto na bella voce
vurria sentì cantà!
Ma sulitario e lento
more ‘o mutivo antico;
se fa cchiù cupo ‘o vico
dint’ a ll’oscurità.
LI’ anema mia surtanto
rummane a sta fenesta.
Aspetta ancora. E resta,
ncantannose, a penzà.
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Questa una versione recitata da Lina Sastri - non cantata.

Here is in a not sung version, played by Lina Sastri.

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A piano in the night

A piano in the night
plays softly, off somewhere;
a sigh comes through the air,
borne upon the melody.
It’s one o’clock: the lane
sleeps to the lullaby
of a long-ago refrain
of a time that used to be.
God, so many stars above!
Such a moon! And such sweet air!
How I wish that I could hear
someone singing tenderly.
But solitary, slow,
dies the long-ago refrain;
darkness deepens as the lane
fades into obscurity.
My soul remains alone,
here at the window, caught,
still awaiting, sunk in thought
and enchanted reverie.
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