plot twist

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Meanings of "plot twist"


Isang kaganapan na nakaapekto sa isang pangyayari o kuwento sa di inaasahang pamamaraan.

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film veya kitaptaki ters köşe, sürpriz son

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लिरिक्स में "plot twist"

Au/Ra - Medicine

Strawberry syrup too easy to swallow
But what did I know?
Plot twist twistin' my heart ’til it's hollow
Band-Aids for all my scraped knees

Tiziano Ferro - Like a Man Would

And we run, we run
and in the meantime, we run even if we don't want to.
And I'll come up with a plot twist
like when we were all together in Madrid.

Annalisa - Sparks

Straight to the stomach
You, like a plot twist
It slides, it slides

Sigrid - Plot Twist

But you're playin' games like a wannabe (shots fired!, fired!)
Tough luck, you're kidding yourself
Plot twist, moved on and now you want me
You're playin' games like a wannabe

Slavi Trifonov - No Mercy

And it looks like no one knows why that's happening
I watch old movies, I listen to old songs
Isn't it time for a plot twist?
I better go to bed because it's almost time to get up

Arisa - It's Worth It

You who have known to face
another plot twist, but it was worth it

Georgina Nikaki - Give everything

I knew it, I saw it
That I'm falling into the trap
That yοu're a plot twist
And so much more

You Me at Six - I O U

Your decision for, my admission
Was a plot twist, I must have missed it
Now that we're a work in progress

Jeroen Dekkers - An eye for an eye*

Not to ignore the love
Everyone knows that in time
The plot twist includes baked pears**

Owl City - Cinematic

Go play
Plot twist, it’s a trilogy
'Cause your life is a thriller

Francesco Guasti - You and I

That hand that asks for comfort
Has a smile stamped on its face
We're a plot twist, missed occasions
Alibis and regrets, stolen emotions

Rakova - Crog Signorino

per chi sa che non ci riusciremo
rimango lucido, come Young Signorino
vuoi uccidermi, fai un plot twist
ma poi ritorna in te, sono Cosmin 13, sparisco nell'universo

Rakova - Crog Signorino

pentru cine nu crede ca vom reusi
raman lucid, la fel ca Young Signorino
vrei sa ma ucizi, fa un plot twist
dar apoi revino, sunt Cosmin 13, plec in univers