Pover'ammore (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)



T'aggia lassata sempe sola, sola,
mentr'io passavo e'nnotti'nsieme a n'at,
senza curarme 'e te, pover'ammore
e tu facevi finta 'e nun sape'.
E mo' ca te vurria sempre vicina,
che brutto scherzo ca me fa 'o destino
e sto preganno a 'tte, Madonna mia,
a cumpagnella mia nun ta piglia'.
Io te prumetto ca addivento buono,
due cuori d'argiento porto ai pieri tuoje,
un è pe 'mme, ca song' peccatore,
l'ate è pa figlia mia, ca resta sola.
Una lacrima mi scenne
a cumpagnella mia,
a cumpagnella mia ta vo' piglia'.
Ta vo' purta' cu 'tte,
ta vo' purta' cu 'tte all'ato munno.
Ma allora,
ma allora che Madonna si?
Io nun te credo,
nun te credo 'cchiu'.
E che 'lla rico a peccerella mia
quanno se sceta a notte e vo' a mamma'?
Te prego, te prego nun m'o da'sto dispiacere,
dimme che e"na bufia sta verita'.
Tu, ca si stata a mamma'e tutte 'e mamme,
sta grazie ca te cerco me l'hai a fa',
pigliate 'o core mio, pigliate a 'mme,
ma' a peccerella lassala a mamma'.
Nun ta piglia'a cumpagnella mia, Maronna,
o 'vvire ca sto preganno addinucchiuato?
To giuro, to giuro ca addivento buono,
vengo tutte iuone inta chiesa.
Marunne', a te prega'
a cumpagnella mia,
a cumpagnella mia nun ta purta', Marunne'.
E si nun 'o vo' fa per 'mme,
fallo pe chista peccerella,
a figliarella mia, Maronna,
Maro', te prego.
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Scritta da Nino D'Angelo
Musicata da Antonio Russo


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Poor Love

I have always left you alone, alone,
while I spent the nights with another,
without taking care of you, poor love
and you were faking not to know.
And now that I'd want you always close,
what a bad joke the destiny makes me
I'm praying you, my Madonna,
don't take with you my companion.
I promise you to become good,
two silver hearts I lay at your feet,
one for me, cause I'm a sinner,
the other for my daughter who is left alone.
My tear falls
my poor companion,
you want to take my poor companion,
do you want to take her away with you?
Carry her with you in the afterlife.
But then,
but then what kind of Madonna are you?
I don't trust you,
I don't trust you anymore.
And what will I say to my little girl
when she wakes up at night calling her mother?
I beg you, please don’t give me this sorrow,
tell me that's just a bad joke.
You who've been the mother of all mothers,
you have to do me this favour I ask you,
take my heart, take me,
but this little girl let her to the mother.
Don't take my poor companion, Madonna,
you see that I'm praying you, on my knees?
I swear, I swear I'll become good,
I'll come to church every day.
Madonna, I beg you,
my poor companion,
don’t take away my poor companion, Madonna.
And if you don't want to do it for me,
do it for this girl,
my little daughter, Madonna,
Madonna, I beg you.
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This Neapolitan song goes right to the heart, at least for me.
A lot of thanks to Silvia - for her Italian translation.
And I hope my English translation does.

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