Queen Of Hearts - Broken Dreams


Broken Dreams

With a smile that leaves you cold
and your eyes show the pain
what was once to have and hold,
now is love lost in vain
My heart breaks for you,
it's a weapon, there's no limit
all I ask of you is a second,
just a minute, of your time,
of your life, of your time, of your life
Hold on, hold on to me
our emotions choose the way
hold on, it's meant to be
but your feelings start to strain
so for better, for worse,
it's my vow, or curse
what is left to believe?
so as time unfolds
all we have are broken dreams
As the cracks begin to show
our foundations fall down
only thoughts are ours to own
our desires left unfound
My heart aches for you
without purpose, or a reason
but my trust in you on the surface
keep believing (keep believing)
Alone in my room
where there's nothing but tears, I cry
alone in my heart,
but it's waiting for you to fight
You act in fear
and your lies, they surround me
a life unclear
how I wish that you felt me now
[Chorus x2]
Nothing left here but broken dreams
Is it worth it? Is it worth it? [x2]
Nothing left here but broken dreams
Is it worth it (now)?
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