Quiero saber (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Quiero saber

Quiero saber si usted viene conmigo
a no andar y no hablar, quiero
saber si al fin alcanzaremos
la incomunicación: por fin
ir con alguien a ver el aire puro,
la luz listada del mar de cada día
o un objeto terrestre
y no tener nada que intercambiar
por fin, no introducir mercaderías
como lo hacían los colonizadores
cambiando barajitas por silencio.
Pago yo aquí por tu silencio.
De acuerdo: yo te doy el mío
con una condición: no comprendernos.
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I want to know

I want to know whether you come with me
To not go and to not speak, I want
To know if at the end we shall reach
Incommunication: at last
To go with someone to see the pure air,
The streaks of light of the sea of each day
Or a terrestrial object
And to not have anything that exchanges
At last, to not introduce commodities
Like how the colonizers did
Exchanging little card decks for silence.
I paid here for your silence.
In agreement: I'll give you mine
With one condition: to not understand each other.
This is the intellectual property of O.A. Ramos. May peace, love, and compassion forever be with you.
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