Il cielo in una stanza (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

Sky In The Room

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Sky In The Room
Gino Paoli - Mina
When you are here with me
This room doesn't have walls anymore
But trees
Infinite trees
When you are here near me
This ceiling breaks
No, it doesn't exist anymore.
I see the sky above us
That are remaining here
As if there is
Nothing else, nothing else in the world.
Harmonica is playing
Seems to me an organ
That vibrates for you and for me
In the immenstiy of the sky.
For you, for me
In the sky
marineliemarinelie द्वारा रवि, 13/06/2010 - 01:56 को जमा किया गया
लेखक के कमेन्ट:

"mell'immensita" is something that I am not sure of.
immensita means immensity, but I am not sure what "mell" means. I think it is shortened from mellifluo which means "mellifluous" ,"smooth" it would be:
"...that vibrates for you and me
in the smooth immensity of the sky..."
but as I said - I am not sure of this.


Il cielo in una stanza

NerviFrankNerviFrank    शुक्र, 10/09/2010 - 13:07

Hi Marinelie,

There is obviously a mistake in the Italian lyrics.
The right one is "nell'immensità". That means that your translation "In the immensity" is correct!
No melliflous immensity here!
Mell is not a an italian word, but only a surname of a wonderful Austrian actress, Marisa Mell, who unfortunately died years ago.
Anyway, you've done a very good job
Feel free to ask any questions about Italian songs.
My email:


Franco Rubuano

GuestGuest    शुक्र, 10/09/2010 - 14:57

Original has been fixed. Regular smile Thank you!

JasplusJasplus    सोम, 03/08/2015 - 19:41

an italian friend of mine told me the line "questo soffitto viola" means "this purple ceiling"...