A Rainy Night in Paris (स्पैनिश में अनुवाद)

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Una noche lluviosa en París

Es una noche lluviosa en París,
y las luces del aeropuerto son débiles,
él debe de dejar su amor en París,
antes de la nieve de invierno.
En una calle solitaria en París,
la sostuvo muy cerca para decir:
“'Nos encontraremos de nuevo en París
cuando haya flores en los Campos Elíseos”.
“¿Cuánto tiempo?”, dijo: “¿Cuánto tiempo?
¿Y tu amor será fuerte,
cuando estés al otro lado del mar?
¿Me recordará tu amor?
Entonces le dio las palabras para volver
cuando las noches de invierno fuesen largas:
“Nos amaremos de nuevo,
con los colores de la primavera...”
“Y luego” dijo: “Y luego
nuestro amor crecerá de nuevo”.
Ah, pero en sus ojos él ve,
que sus palabras de amor son sólo palabras para complacer.
Y ahora las luces de París,
se debilitan y desaparecen,
y yo sé por las luces de París,
nunca la veré otra vez.
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

Es para la chica que alguna vez era mi amor grande.
No, no fue en París, ella no era una francesa, pero fue muy lejos de mi patria, mucho más que el París es. A causa del destino malo nos tuvimos que parte y la despedida parecía casi lo mismo que en esta canción.
Siempre lloro cuando escucho esta canción. ¿Te acuerdas de mí? ¡No me olvides, nunca!

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A Rainy Night in Paris

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स्पैनिश Aldefina
Chris de Burgh: टॉप 3
roster 31roster 31    गुरु, 15/08/2013 - 12:26

Aldefina, ¡nos estás contando la historia de tu vida!
Te voy a corregir algunas faltas, para que la perfecciones.
1. Second verse' "puerto" no "aeropuerto", "débiles"
2. In the long stanza. Second verse: "...para decir".
Third verse: :...cuando haya flores..."
seventh: "cuando estés"
eight: ¿Me recordará tu amor?"
ninth/tenth: "...palabras para volver/regresar...", "...las noches de invierno fuesen largas".
Further down: I think you should put "él" en él ve". "Palabras DE amor"
End: "se debilitan y desaparecen"

Finally you are writing in Spanish. Good! Y can always send it to me and I'll go over.

AldefinaAldefina    गुरु, 15/08/2013 - 15:25

Rosa, muchas gracias por tu ayuda.

And now in English, ‘cause it’s easer and faster for me. Just one point:
“Harbour” (you can also write “harbor” - both versions are correct) has two meanings:
1 - port (puerto),
2 - a place of refuge or safety (abrigar).

I wrote “aeropuerto” and this is my interpretation. The boy leaves his girl for ever in Paris and the most logical way for him to depart “across the sea” seems to be by plane. Though there are ports on the river Seine, but the ships seem to navigate on the river only.

The other possibility is to say that the place where they talk, and that gives them shelter, is a dark one - they talk in darkness not wanting to see the tears in their eyes, ‘cause they are crying the same way as the sky above them.

I know this song from the original album that I bought years ago in Berlin. The video that I added here has the same lyrics as the original and this is the nicest version of this song that Chris de Burgh has ever recorded, but now I have found a different concert version - here it is:
It’s easy to hear that Chris sings not “harbour”, but “river lights”, so looks like you are right.

Nevertheless I am going leave my interpretation. Let it be! I hope this explanation is sufficient.

roster 31roster 31    गुरु, 15/08/2013 - 18:09

Just one more comment:
You are very analytic (I, myself, have been told the same). I was thinking in Spanish and, to us, "el Puerto" is a sea port, and 'aeropuerto', the airport.
Anyway, how old is this song? Did everybody travel by plain then?

Go on with your Spanish. I appreciate it!

AldefinaAldefina    शुक्र, 16/08/2013 - 21:55

Yes, it was as Ellen wrote in 1977 - the album “At the end of the perfect day” - so as you see air transport was already very popular. I just wonder why do you think that this song is so old. Even now not everybody travels by plain. I know a lot of people, who never took a flight.

By the way, Chris de Burg is like Che Guevara - he was also born in Argentina. Teeth smile He is British-Irish and his father was a British diplomat. After retiring he invested his money in an old castle. He made a hotel in it and Chris as a student came there from time to time and entertained the hotel guests playing on the piano or on a guitar singing the songs he wrote for himself. At that time he didn’t intend to be a singer. After finishing his studies in English and French he started working as a teacher. He had written already so many songs that he decided to release them. It was enough for the first two albums: “Far beyond these castle walls” (1974) and “Spanish train and other stories” (1975). Both were released in 1975, even though the first one is marked 1974. It was only after these two albums that he decided to start his career as a singer. This song comes from his third album.

In his whole career he sang only the songs he wrote on his own - both the lyrics and the music. The only exceptions were two albums “Footsteps” (2008) and “Footsteps 2” (2011). These were the songs that had influenced him mostly.

I’m glad to know that you appreciate what I do. By the way, four days ago I have finally finished the “Cinderella”. As you see it took me quite a long time. Today I made some small corrections, ‘cause I have found some obvious mistakes. I don’t think I am able to find anything more. I bet you haven’t seen it yet. Wow, that was very hard!
Would you be so kind and take a look at it?


roster 31roster 31    गुरु, 15/08/2013 - 22:09

No, I don't think it's old, is because you said you bought it 'years ago'.
Interesting what you are telling me.
Yes, I'll look at Cinderella.

AldefinaAldefina    गुरु, 15/08/2013 - 22:14

Well, I think it was 1991, so it's "a while ago".