real right

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real right (अंग्रेज़ी) — Describing something of high quality, could be a physical feature on someone or non-physical attribute. Also used to express that you are feeling good or in a state of ecstasy.

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लिरिक्स में "real right"

Lied to my face
I'm losing track of every tongue that I taste
It's like the whole world is upside down
Can't even tell if this is real right now
Heads in the sky
We're gonna fly around with flames in our eyes

Alle Farben - Bad Ideas

Nah it ain’t like that I just happen to be a nutty abundantly funny type of individual
Like, as a guy
So when I get up on the mic I ain’t finna just lie
Real recognize real, right?
<em>Yeah, I guess. So what you trying to do?
Five years from now, tell me bout the due</em>

Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper

Man I can't see shit in the spotlight
She found receipts from the last night
In the back of my jeans keep it real right
I just wanna fuckin feel right
Work long all day till the night time

Blackbear - Dirty Laundry

Thaw me out - "Sure, here you go."
But if you could do that it wouldn't be a problem
Is the answer I chose out of all them really right?
Suspicious of whether there’s even a real right answer
Time for some parallel decisions
That’s just the kinda feeling I got

DAOKO - Recently

Give no fucks yeah, we don't give no fucks, yeah
Throw my cup yeah, I just bought my plug, yeah
Full of the mud, yeah, nigga get full of them drugs, yeah
Feeling real right, yeah, I'm on same thing as Mike, yeah
Bought a lil ice, yeah, I wanna beat that dope like Ike, yeah

Future - Fuck Up Some Commas

They chase, they flash they flash, yes

Tell me how you feel right now
'Cause all I wanna do is keep it real right now
I'm tryna beat it up
Beat Pills right now

Calvin Harris - Heatstroke

Do we have to talk about it?
You know how you make me feel, right?
You know that I'm lost without you
I never felt something so real, right?
Remember when we ran through all the lights
In downtown that one night?

Gnash - Feelings Fade

It's good if the world keeps on moving
Doesn't mean you have to be dancing on tables
And I'm not gonna move mountains anymore
But every now and then I'm gonna climb one<fn>In the original a pun with "ripping out trees" vs. "planting trees".</fn>

Life isn't born from faded applause

Udo Jürgens - My goal