red in the face

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Meanings of "red in the face"


Meaning: To be embarrassed

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خجالت کشیدن

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लिरिक्स में "red in the face"

Hamilton (musical) - What'd I Miss

But who’s waitin’ for me when I step in the place?
My friend James Madison, red in the face

Elena Gheorghe - At nights

In moon nights you were holding my hand,
We were red in the face, nobody could find us.
In clear nights I don't feel good,

DAOKO - Kahlua Milk

But none of them are a match for you

Back then when I'd drink Kahlua milk I'd get so red in the face
And even though now I'll drink bourbon highballs with my friends

Stromae - Terrific

If mommy is a pain, It's cos she's afraid of being a granny!
If daddy is cheating on mommy, It's cos she's getting old, hey!
Why are you all red in the face? Come back here kid!
And what's up with you all?

Mac Miller - Dang!

[Hook - Anderson .Paak:]
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon

Yaşlı Amca - And I

I have fell in love with them.
On your curly hair,
On you not turned red in the face
On your soaked rules

Mark Forster - Something Serious

In my left breast, like a continuous throbbing
Always knock-knock and I can't repress it
Always red in the face and got sweaty hands
I should eat what? No, not hungry!

Macedonian Folk - Macedonian Nightingale Girls

I cannot live without you. (x2)

And Struga* girls, white and red in the face (x2)
Girl, mount on my horse and come with me,

Nick Jonas - Jealous (Remix)

I turn my chin music up
And I'm puffing my chest
I'm turning red in the face, you
Can call me obsessed

Superfruit - Pop Goes Broadway "Blank Space/Jealous/Break Free"

I turn my chin, music up
And I'm puffing my chest
I'm getting red in the face
You can call me obsessed

Harangozó Teri - Don't you give in to headache

Of course, this won't embarrass them.
Why should they get red in the face?
They gossip, they hoot,

MattyBRaps - Be Mine

Only so much a roller coaster my heart can take
Going up and down over mountains I start to pace
Turning red in the face, it's love, I rest my case now break

Numblife - 32 Days

Where do you live, is it close to the train?
Your hair the same color, it bleeds when it rains?
Do you still get red, red in the face
Do you still laugh, do you still rage

Austin Egen - I need a new bride for Sunday

What about a cloth wardrobe with zipper
or some icing sugar[fn]or possibly a sweet with icing, but that does not really change the meaning of the song :)[/fn]?"
Müller got red in the face and said "No,

We Are The In Crowd - Better Luck Next Time

I guess it was wishful to think
I was different from the rest
Now I'm red in the face
I don't think I'm impressed