Reflexionen (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी


Now you have gone much too far.
You distorted, sinister masked mirror image,
old and cold.
In your hands clink forceps,
with them you must now separate yourself from me,
with force.
I let you go for far too long,
never looked through, was much too naive,
never ready.
The aftermath was more than just disastrous,
wished there was someone there to unmask me
and free me.
I jump in every puddle, in order to dispel the grimace.
the waterdrops splash on the cold window glass,
see them run down again, it stares towards me
whether outside or inside, it follows me down every path.
I don't know any more, how often
I broke them into a thousand little pieces!
In vain I have hoped.
Because it simply grew from then and on, forever.
So often you have betrayed me,
and you liked to laugh when I was desparate,
derision and mockery.
You lied with my mouth,
I froze, and you were so everchanging,
You never granted me mercy,
you masked me, and you set me bare,
Oh, damn masquerade!
And beneath that, my essense became expressionless,
became you.
I strike at every mirror, in order to banish the grimace.
I'm behind lock and key, which we devised together.
I, in order to protect myself, and you, in order to imprison me,
we cannot help ourselves, without distorting anything.
Gazing from the beautiful eyes,
now the mask looks out, pin-sharp
and focused:
Evil, with their hooves scratching,
this devil waits for him to rage,
and he will!
Nothing may ever belong to me,
everything that is good, will be tainted through it,
and contorted.
it so often wanted to destroy,
and so I wait, perhaps forever, undetected,
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