कृपया "Happiness is Only Real When Shared" का अनुवाद करने में सहायता करें

  • आर्टिस्ट: Ace of Hearts
  • एल्बम: Monster
  • गाना: Happiness is Only Real When Shared
  • अनुरोध करें: अंग्रेज़ी → सर्बियाई

Happiness is Only Real When Shared

How does it feel my baby?
How does it feel inside?
Because to them you meant nothing, the final sacrifice
Three days since you left home
All looking up, all feeling right now
Four days are not enough, when the way is clear
The city is your playground
Five days, the morning after
Your wake up call, you've lost control
Six days and your strength is running out, got no will to carry one
Somethings are only real when shared
Somethings are only real when missed
You kept holding on this feel
That aint truthful but you still believe it
Too proud to go back
You're pretending you're ok
You don't have many choices left this time
So cold, and nothing to warm you up
Close, and you're ready to give up
Its time you got a ride back home