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  • आर्टिस्ट: The Wizard of Oz (OST) [1939]
  • फीचरिंग आर्टिस्ट: Jack Haley
  • गाना: If I Only Had A Heart
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    Traduzione fedele al testo originale inglese in lingua italiana

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If I Only Had A Heart

When a man's an empty kettle,
he should be on his mettle,1
and yet I'm torn apart.
Just because I'm presumin'
that I could be kind o' human,
if I only had a heart.
I'd be tender, I'd be gentle,
and awful sentimental
regarding love and art.
I'd be friends with the sparrows,
and the boy who shoots the arrows,
if I only had a heart.
Picture me, a balcony,2
above a voice sings low:
"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
I hear a beat,
how sweet!
Just to register emotion,
jealousy, devotion
and really feel the part.
I could stay young and chipper,
and I'd lock it with a zipper,
if I only had a heart.
  • 1. On one's mettle = "In the position of being incited to do one's best." -www.dictionary.com
  • 2. Picture me and a balcony.
जमा करने वाले के कमेंट:

Jack Haley was 'Hickory' in parts of the movie, "the Tin Man" in most of the movie.

The name of Judy Garland's character was Dorothy. She did not sing in this clip and so was not added as Featuring Artist.

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