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  • आर्टिस्ट: HEX - Hex Music
  • एल्बम: Spoonful of Voodoo
  • गाना: Walk on Water
  • अनुरोध करें: अंग्रेज़ी → पुर्तगाली
  • अनुवाद: फ्रेंच

Walk on Water

You say...
Your sins all need to be forgiven
You say...
This is still love we’re in
You say...
Have to let you make a few mistakes
You say...
It’s not easy for a man to change
Oh, I hear what you say,
but women walk when it's over
No matter how much you sleaze us,
(and) baby, I ain't Jesus -
I can't walk on water
Step back, let me see what we've got
Lie, cheat, ruin, rob
What did I get for what I lay out
Tears, pain, hurt, and doubt
Sorry, didn't see, wasn't me, didn't know
Little too late, 'cause you reap what you sow
I say...
Love is gentle, and love is kind
(But) I say...
This time you need to hear my mind
I say...
When you love, you forgive
(But) I say...
Sometimes makes no sense
to give
Mean you no harm
and wish I you well
You're losing your touch,
forgot how to lie - well...
If love feeds your heart,
don't have time for the slaughter
'Cause what I ain't is a living saint
and I can't walk on water
Step back, let me see what I gave
Truth, trust, passion's slave
What did you get for what I lay in -
drew a joker, game over,
you win
What was there - didn't see, wouldn't know
Time to pack the karma and go
It's a mystery to me why you're still talking
Nothing you say is gonna stop me walking
Gonna miss how you sleaze me,
and leaving's not easy -
but I can't walk on water
And even if hell freezes over -
never gonna walk on water...
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