Rio Mira - Román Román lyrics request

  • आर्टिस्ट: Rio Mira
  • गाना: Román Román
  • भाषा: स्पैनिश

From NPR's description:

"Román Román," the first single from Rio Mira's debut album, Marimba Del Pacifico, tells of traversing a dangerous river in the format of the traditional stories and poems that are chanted at ritual, religious and festive events. It features the recital of an excerpt from "Agrandao," a poem by Jalisco González, a highly recognized Afro-Ecuadorian writer from Esmeraldas. In the poem, the narrator leaves home to discover his roots in the "fingerprints" of his people and, through their oral history, learns magical ways. He survives thanks to the ancestral wisdom he discovers.

Rio Mira also did a live perfomance at NPR (Román Román starts at 4:52).

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