Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling (Musical) - An Ordinary Man


An Ordinary Man

Perhaps another time,
Perhaps a different place
There'd be a different dream
For me to chase.
An ordinary house,
An ordinary town,
A simple life
Beyond Vienna's crown.
A quiet place to go
At the end of the day;
A quiet place to go
And keep the world at bay.
If I could fly away,
If I could simply disappear,
If I could slip the chains of life
Yet somehow keep her near.
Is there another world where
Love is blind enough to see
That even princes should be free?
I ask no better than
An ordinary man.
Do we wake to a different dream
Beyond the silence
Or recreate our star-crossed fate
Again and again?
And so I play the fool
Until the passion in me stirs
I tell myself this life is mine
Although it's really hers.
And though I would be king
And never questioned how or why
I traded it all
To live and die
An ordinary man.
I ask no better than
An ordinary man.
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