Saviour Machine - Legion



Legion moves over the land
Softly he whispers his forces command
Naked she lies on the crucifix crying
the tears of the innocent die
The dragon slides between her thighs
The dragon slides between her thighs
The dragon breathes the fire
As the blood drips from her eyes
Until delivered of the child
(The birth of the legion) [x4]
And all the leaders of the nations follow single file
As all the brothers of the legion drift upon the Nile
To face the beast in all its ecstasy
and dreams of our betrayal
As love will die within the force
that drains in from the grail
She drinks the blood of prophets
and she drinks the blood of saints
Between her legs they crawl in torment
for their souls they laid to waste
Upon the altar, the sacrifice begins
The dragon takes another
and feeds upon his sins
To live and breathe again
Under the lights
Under the Liar
Into the night
Into the fire
Is this the coming of the day?
As the alliance of the dragon takes its prey
Is this the call of revolution?
Is this the fall of revolution of the soul?
Is this the cry from all corruption?
Or is corruption just a fortress we bestow?
And if you're looking for the Answer
And if you're looking for the Light that leads the way
Take my hand and I will lead you
Where the torture and the pain will drift away
Stay with Me...
Stay with Me...
(Stay with Me...)
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This very song banned Saviour Machine's first album (Saviour Machine I) from Christian book stores across the USA. Αs a counteraction, Eric Clayton (singer of the band) used to wear the USA flag around his shoulders during every live perfomance of this particular song.
The song lyrics refer to chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation.



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