from scratch

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"from scratch" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

English Creole (Bislama)
Wystartować od zera.
Start from scratch
(Ri)cominciare da zero
Partir de zéro
Начать с нуля
(početi) od nule
desde cero

Meanings of "from scratch"


From nothing - without any assistance or supplies, without using anything that already exists. Usually used with verbs like: make, sew, cook, start, etc.

I didn't buy the bookshelf from IKEA, I built it from scratch.
He started his own business from scratch.
I didn't use a cake mix, I baked the cake from scratch.

Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose on बुध, 02/10/2019 - 00:33
Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose

A partir de rien, de zéro. Suit en général des verbes commes "starting" ou "creating"...

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Explained by lr6kidylr6kidy

(начинать) все с самого начала; (начинать) с нуля.

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Explained by St. SolSt. Sol

लिरिक्स में "from scratch"

Canbay & Wolker - For Sure One Day

I'm at your door, whoever's scared is a coward
For now, there's nothing in my hands
But the creator* created from scratch

Bad Bunny - We are fine

Mera, devil what a downpour
In the account a pair of zero '
And we started from scratch, hey (hey, hey)
And that I'm a rude, hey (hey)

Shakira - Do It (This time for Africa)

I felt it already

You have to start from scratch
To touch the sky

Zion & Lennox - My treasure

You are my treasure, in this affair
I have your tatooed body in my memory,
let's start from scratch, true love,
thief of your kisses, your highwayman.

Şebnem Ferah - From Scratch

Do you have the strength my love
To look for pearls in the deep water?
If you still have the courage
To talk to me about love

Scriptonite - Space

You smell chocolate. smell like flowers.

Smell like dreams embodied from scratch.
Smell like desire - pure animal desire .

Miyagi & Andy Panda (Эндшпиль) - Rapapam

Her eyes become more beautiful every day.
Roses fall from you, I began to believe in miracles.
I started everything from scratch. Get out, demon! Take the weight of heaven as it is.
This soft thrill is a life there.

Édith Piaf - No, I have no regrets

And all their tremors
Swept away forever
I start from scratch

Enzo Enzo - Eyes Open

This memory, I give it back to you
You know, I have too many memories
Because we always start from scratch
It's not worth the effort to criticize so much

CircusP - Copycat

who are you?”
And we'll start
from scratch again
“Gotta go,

Johnny Sky - Love Me

Liberate yourself today, give me the kind of kiss friends don't do

Love me like you want to start from scratch
to give your heart

Hanna (Russia) - Talk to me

Talk to me, like it's not your fault,
Pretend everything is ok, and we start from scratch.
Ask a question about who we are - more than friends?

Monsta X - Puzzle

The constantly running passion of youth even now Stay tune
From a place of nothingness we will draw from scratch
The disorganized pieces are as if its Art

Nachtblut - Multicultural

I will change your point of view from scratch
with instruments of tortures from all over the world.

J-Ax - Intro

And of who I believed it was my true brother

Two children that, from scratch, built up a gang

Édith Piaf - No, I regret nothing

And all of their faltering,
Swept up forever,
I start again from scratch

MHD - Mommy, I'm hurt

I can portray an angel or a demon altogether at times.
Mommy trusts me telling me that I'm a brave man.
I can start from scratch and then reach the top.
I don't have the power anymore to undo the void.

Kent - Forgiveness

We changed the plans we had
And built up new ones from scratch
You were like nothing I had known

Sin Boy - Mom?

Strolls around Paris
I'm extremely wealthy in the crisis
Everything from scratch, homie (homie)
Now everyone's under the big ben (everyone)

Lacrim - Corleone

Way too often we end up getting smoked or wasting our lives in jail, homie

I was starving, I started from scratch and I wanted to (I wanted to)
See the world and so I started robbing