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Different Perspectives

The love we once had,
Doesn't live here.
Your heart plays with my head,
Clever torture.
What it is never clear, not fair.
Some will win, some will lose.
Who cares?
The past has no will worth protecting.
Does love make you feel sad?
How is that working?
If it's time and I'm blind, Oh God
Then I can, if you win, life gone.
I know this is not what you've planned,
It's here, draw your line in the sand.
Some try, some cry,
Some die, who are you?
My fate, you're late,
Be still, we are through.
What's killing me?
Could be your song?
And what you see might be dead wrong.
Time will tell, end is well, my forever.
Things we do, things we try, then it's over.
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