A short temper

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A short fuse

Meanings of "A short temper"


A person who is quick to become enraged over the slightest thing. They may be conditioned by past experiences, or by lack of experience causing them to become irate beyond what is not 'a big deal' to others.

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Вспыльчивый, раздражительный

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लिरिक्स में "A short temper"

G-Eazy - Eazy

See, you’re going to have to prove that you ain't soft and you’re not stupid
And you gon’ have to scrap with some kids that you ain’t cool with
You got a short temper, just be careful when you lose it
You wanna be the man, but it’s gon’ take some time to prove it

Yelawolf - Best Friend

For the people I've been a menace to
Not a preacher but a shit starter and finisher
Enter the mind of a thick skin, but a short temper
This patience of mine is thinner

Yui Horie - A Chain of Smile

You said: “I love you more than any one else”

You such a short temper, you have a line carved between the eyes
Oops! I am in a hurry