Signorina (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Touching a Swiss water, respecting it
that water of foreign eyes, respecting it
You're blotting me out
between her own fingers
you're ruining me
I let myself work
and I'll let it be
I've got brittle muscles, respect me
you're sending my nerves to the pasture, serenity
And loves
are making that lambretta buzz
far away for countrysides
and without commitments
And you, miss, stay here
and you, miss, use me
and you, miss, abuse a little
and sorry if it's not much
Tickle me, serenity
help yourself with your fingers, come on,
respect me
Open your eyes,
open a dazzling account
of millions of clear eyes
and not stingy
Come on, miss, stay here
come on, miss, use me
come on, miss, you do abuse a little
and sorry if it's not much
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