Silje Nergaard - Norwegian Boatsong

  • आर्टिस्ट: Silje Nergaard
  • एल्बम: Unclouded (2012)

Norwegian Boatsong

Lina takes her boat and rows
To places only Lina knows
And will not rest upon the oars
Before she reaches safer shores
The mist that rolls in from the sea
Beckons her, says "Come to me
I will hide you, make you whole
When mindless days disturb your soul"
Hidden skerries, razor rocks
Are better than the stumbling blocks
Living places in your way
And you must side-step every day
Lina, Lina why the tears
No need to weep for she who steers
Her boat to secret silver bays
Where hearts can heal and mend their ways
The weeping will be done by those
Who pace the shore and cannot know
For all the beacons that they burn
Whether Lina will return
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