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Hello everybody!
I would like to welcome you all back
to our group therapy.
And before we start today,
I would like you to indicate,
that we have three new contracts, and how you all know,
it's the custom, to introduce oneself
and to try to depict one's problem in short words.
And so therefore, I'd pass the word to...
to Kerstin, I'd say?
Hello, I am Kerstin 16 years old,
at every party totally smashed on hardcore liquor.
Throw myself on men on their necks,
pretend always to be fine,
but am innerly down
and don't gain any trust,
Only out of self protection I act confident,
Like the [Verone] Feldbusch,
but inside there’s always just the same frustration,
I am too fat!
And such things don't leave me cold,
so I just stick my finger down my throat.
Cause I hate the woman in the mirror,
and wanna look like the women on the cover
of Woman in the Mirror, [a german magazine]
Sometimes I feel dead,
like when a hair dryer drops into water, have no money,
but wanna be pretty like the [Yvonne] Catterfeld,
didn't born like this, I suffered so much,
finally wanna have full lips and big tits,
you have to liposuck my fat,
for a flatter stomach,
would give my life for a more toned skin.
My mirror
doesn't show me what I want to see,
I wanna be someone else and
my whole world breaks soon
in thousand little pieces,
and nobody understands me,
I feel so disgusting,
my whole world breaks soon
in thousand little pieces.
Thanks Kerstin!
Uhm, Michelle, why are you here, what's your issue?
My name is Michelle and I am model as job,
I am always exhausted,
but play my role well,
first had birthday yesterday,
21 young years,
have on my young days,
already enough of grief,
cause also beauty can be a curse,
if you have 90-60-90,
everyone thinks, that you have plentiful
and often money and friends.
I know many people, but none with who I can talk to,
and men only wants the one thing,
don't find one with who i can live,
I don't like sex and guys stress me out terribly,
was precocious
and already got raped with 13 and
I could cry, everything sucks,
just my mother kept me from pouring
acid in my face,
cause i don't wanna be pretty anymore,
no I know, you all must think
'she must be crazy' (yeaah)
but I know, what I talk about,
and I hate my job,
even if I live from it mostly
Michelle, that was very brave of you!
Bernard, what's your issue?
About me already got slandered early as kid,
already in elementary school I've been the best in class,
they called me geek,
but that didn't lead me off my way
I kept learning, finished universitiy with 1,0 [best possible in germany]
I was a smart kid,
today i have wife and child,
who are often sad, because i am never at home,
took daily overtimes,
wanted to get over my hourly earnings,
to get more than just scrape by,
and I should already be manager.
but I never win through,
and sadly never say no,
have no managerial abilities
and difficulties of decisions,
early learnt to keep my mouth shut,
just to avoid beating,
do everything for my boss and the lovely colleagues,
they are everything,
but nice and never gave me anything,
and yesterday I got asserted with regret,
that I am out and fired after 15 years loyalty!
I've got a bunch of installments every month
for the house with garden and to pay the car,
and what shall i tell my wife, huh?!
This is the limit!
Bernhard, noo!!!
(Today happened an awful incident,
as a 37 year old man
in the premises
of a psychotherapeutic praxis
during the group therapy
and in the presence of other patients
pointed a weapon against himself
and committed suicide...
The man, who lost his job one day ago,
leaves behind wife and two kids.)
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