spill the beans

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"spill the beans" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

Spuck es aus!
Çıkar ağzındaki baklayı.
فاش كردن / لو دادن
cracher le morceau; vendre la mèche
manger le morceau
a trăda un secret
Suelta la Sopa
Prata bredvid munnen

Meanings of "spill the beans"


Sirri açmaq

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Reveal a secret

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Explained by hariboneagle927hariboneagle927

To commit a faux pas, an error, by letting a secret out either on purpose, or unknowingly.

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Paglantad ng isang sikreto

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Kifecseg valamit

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Ispričati sve, odati tajnu. Propevati. Izneti na videlo. Izneti na svetlost dana. Izbrbljati sve.

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ağzındaki baklayı çıkarmak

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लिरिक्स में "spill the beans"

Marina Satti - Cups

My little kid, come over here and I'll kiss you
and don't be afraid that I'll spill the beans.

Grebz - Cops

[on walkie-talkie] Mikola, I caught a yogi.
I know you know where the shrooms are.
Spill the beans!
Why the hell you hate us like this, copper?

Giorgos Tsalikis - Living for a heart issue

I passed by and accompanied George Tsalikis.
I'm on the verge of bursting. If I want to redeem myself,
I need to spill the beans because I'm going insane.

Christmas Carols - First day of the month, as well of the year

I rush to grab a picture and a piece of paper,
I bake sugar-based biscuits.
I'm about to spill the beans,
you should check me out as well.

Nicolae Guță - Reddish hair girl

I”ll see what I”ll do to reconcile both,
Cause I”m a devil, my brother, and I shut up,
I won”t spill the beans that easy,
I won”t be in their hands, even though they want that,

Alizée - Blond

Ba ba ba… Blondes
Beware of the bleached blondes
I don’t want to spill the beans, nor target anyone
If it’s the Barbie doll, the image we give, oops

Monica Geuze - Letting Go

The biggest problem is your not caring about me
Each time I say something
You spill the beans
Can't we see to it to get back to where it was before?

Soula Delliou - The smoke plants

Come over here and we shall kiss each other
and it's better that we both spill the beans on this.
Come over and I'll kiss you. And you can say it out.

Eminem - Nail in the Coffin

What you know about being bullied over half your life?
Oh, that's right, you should know what that's like
You're half white; Vanilla Ice, spill the beans and rice
I'm eatin' you alive inside, Jesus Christ!

La Gale - When the Justice...

That shamelessly send us to a beheaded future
Butcherable scrimps, carvable and malleable
And alcoholic cops who are just waiting to spill the beans
Guinea-pig bastards, here's that they did of our fate

Beastie Boys - Lee Majors Come Again

Oh, did I spill the beans?
I see your grandpa in Apple Bottom jeans

Professor Green - Back on the Market

I'm still a fiend
So who's got all the pills?
Somebody spill the beans
Blimey, I'm grimy

Rurutia - Hallelujah

I hear the distant echo of wild beasts
In the depths of the night I smile and spill the beans about my sins

Carly Simon - We Your Dearest Friends

That's right, it's your bête noire<fn>Someone or something which is particularly disliked or avoided</fn> from hell
That's who
Are you worried we might spill the beans
Are you worried we might tell

Daniela Vella - Throw Your Stones

It’s your big day

Call your friends, spill the beans
Treat me like the queen of guilt