Stiamo tutti bene (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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We are all fine

Hi, my name is Mario and I'm 7 years old
7 and half, to be exact
I like the sun, friendships, good people
football1, cheerful songs and the good smell of my mom's skin
It's been a few months that my dad isn't coming back
but it causes trouble to talk to someone about it
especially with my mom
because then she feels bad
she yells, cries and it doesn't stop
and she hides and one can't see her for three days
But today is a happy day
because today, a ball came here
and finally I'll be able to become strong
and play football
I already know how to dribble
it's different with rocks
but I'm improving
because I run strongly
like the wind
And then I fly to the clearing (field)
together with the other children
he who arrives last to the goal
knows he's a pain in the a...
I arrive first, as always
and so I am a striker2
I dodge, dribble, shoot to the goal
and the goalkeeper can't do anything
then I hear from afar
'Mario come here
let's take everything that we have
and get to your father'
mom, why now, I am taking a penalty kick
but it's in vain
we're leaving, it's better not to argue
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
everything's great
just as it should be
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
there's nothing to worry about
or be bothered by
Now look at this misfortune that had to happen to me
four days on this boat, still surrounded only by the sea
does it seem right to you
one goes on vacation for the first time
and those there in the front are able to make a mistake
and call it a boat
one needs a lot of guts
to fit three people in there
sitting in half a meter of space
like me and the other 200
all busy with praying
and I would only like to stand up and dribble
But if I move my foot, even just one centimeter
those in the front wake up
and start saying that they're thirsty
I'm also thirsty, hungry, sleepy
and my back hurts
but there's no need
to make all this scene
And then there is this one beside me
that closed his eyes
he's not opening them anymore
It's been two days that he's sleeping, it seems like he's not breathing
I've never seen anyone sleep that much
I asked my mom
And she said that he was really tired
Dunno, three days ago
they threw about twenty of them into the sea
mom says they wanted to swim
I heard them screaming
and they didn't seem happy
but at least now I have a little bit of space
for my feet
It's the sixth day
now I'm sleeping, mom too, and some skinny guy
a little bit later shouts that he sees Madonna
and this boat now stinks of gasoline and death
and mom said she doesn't notice it
and to be strong
and to be a good kid
and stay sitting here
that mom is now falling asleep
and is getting to the father
but she was crying and was forcing her smile
maybe she too was really tired
And there's silence all around
which scares me
the night has come, I'm cold
there's not even the moon in the sky
people yell, ask for help
but no one responds
I look around and, needless to say
I see, always and only, the waves
after the waves, waves again
then to prevent myself from falling asleep like the others
and from being thrown into the sea
I unite with the choir of the boat
and start to cry and yell
I have no strength, I'm closing my eyes
And I even can't swim
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
We are all fine
we are all fine
we are all fine
  • 1. soccer
  • 2. One of the team players in football (soccer) principally responsible for scoring goals
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Stiamo tutti bene

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