A stumbling block

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Meanings of "A stumbling block"


Kamen spoticanja. Prepreka.

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लिरिक्स में "A stumbling block"

Monsta X - Shoot Out

Half dead, running hopping quickly jumping, uh
Remember the length and shape of the hand, blokka blokka huh huh
I became a stumbling block in front of you, ap choppa choppa
Blakk blakk blakk Can't block block block You'r blah blah blah stop talking

Yolanda Adams - Never give up

And never give up, don't ever give up on you

Sometimes life can place a stumbling block in your way
But you're gotta keep the faith, bring what's deep inside your heart yeah your

Disturbed - Sacred Lie

Don't you know the war is far from over now
What a stumbling block we've fallen over now
As our brothers die defending no one

Moshe Bergel - Ma'oz Tzur [Rock of Ages]

To sever the towering cypress
sought the Aggagite, son of Hammedatha,
But it became [a snare and] a stumbling block to him
and his arrogance was stilled.

Bride - Love / Hate

Who are the enemies of the cross
And who finds it a stumbling block
Who can endure despising and shame

The Smiths - I Keep Mine Hidden

Yellow and green
A stumbling block
I'm a twenty-digit combination to unlock

Regina Spektor - Long brown hair

You know what the bible says..

Don't put a stumbling block in front of someone who can't see.

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - A Good Advice

Never, never

I'm always a stumbling block to myself
Whether I want to or not, that's how it is

The Bothy Band - Pretty Peg

No peace nor ease could that old wife get
'Til she would rise and see
She came on a stumbling-block
And into the creel went she