Terminatryx - Midnight



The sky's bruised black - The sun drips blood
It's setting in - a sea of mud
Beyond the cracks - born & bred
To induce heart attacks
Vampiria arise from death
Caked eyes and last night's blood on their breath
At midnight they will fall from grace
The last two of their morbid race
They want to feed on lust and drugs
And start the night with lines and hugs
You do me first – Time is no issue
I’ll tie your boots – No rule of thumb
As we get dressed – The residue
In our ghastly suits – Of what’s to come
My corset – Pull your strings
Your boots – Tuck me in
My make-up – Translucent masks
Your roots – Each designated task
Swaying angles dressed in black
Venture out for another snack
Pavement princesses relinquish to none
Get their fill before the morning comes
We walk but we are so undead
About to paint this small town red
Elegantly we fall from grace
The last remnants our little race
The sky’s bruised black - The sun drips red
It’s setting in, a sea of mud
Beyond the cracks – born & bred
Their nourishment – your precious blood
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Writers: Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom
© Copyright 2014 Flamedrop Productions / ENT Entertainment
Lyrics source: www.terminatryx.com



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