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Second floor's spring

The day I realised you
A second floor's spring started
Soon, astonished, I watched
How those colours deepen so
From that place to my balcony
I rushed, swallowing joy
And that glimmer, it stung in the eyes
I barely saw to the yard road
Don't char me
Also say it if I'm too close to you
It doesn't matter if you blind*
When your ardor caresses me gently
I start to be dependent on your light
That day you opened the curtains
So the sun would know its' way in
Because when the just released from the dim
Needs light, more and more
That day to the second floor
You moved in too, to the apartment number six
If not otherwise, at least to a heart
And from there, a new story does start
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

* meaning that the light blinds eyes

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Toisen kerroksen kevät

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