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Countries names that sound funny मंच(फोरम)
Not my native language but in English several countries sound funny... Turkey -> it's the name of an animal Hungary -> hungry? Uruguay -> U are gay (The Simpsons)
Everybody that speaks Portuguese knows that the meaning of "Come e Baza" in this song is not "Eat and go". That's why the translation to English is FUCK AND GO! In Portuguese it's possible to use "...afrobeatz6
A tradução é literal, o que a deixa muito longe de transmitir, em alemão, a mensagem que a versão original da música apresenta. Outros usuários já comentaram, mas Carneiro se imagina dono da...muzik_top6
Bem, só posso confirmar como os meninos já escreveram, que sim, o verbo "comer" é usado como gíria e o significado é isto mesmo "f--k". A língua "brasileira" está repleta de gírias. É engraç...Nadejda Silva6
Boden translation
I send this as a private message, but you didn't accept the suggestions (even being clear that you translation have some mistakes), so I'll post it publicly. All these sentences above weren't prop...
Tentei explicar educadamente, mas sua arrogância grande demais e sua capacidade de interpretação muito limitada não lhe permitem que você admita que está errado; desse modo, nem vale a pena perd...afrobeatz5
Hello to everyone, hola a todos मंच(फोरम)
Hi. Welcome to LT. We all make mistakes/errors, that's no problem. You can request proofreading for your translations so that natives can help you out and point your mistakes out if you have any. E...
Okay, here we go. Only in Israel • People fight over an old wall. • Every person must serve in the military; women for 2 years and men for 3 years. But when Gal Gadot does it...Thomas2225
Only in France - we eat snails with garlic at breakfast, and frog legs with garlic the rest of the time (this is an outrageous fake, but so do the English think, so let them be...Jadis5
I noticed that a lot of things already said are pretty common in Brazil too. Anyway, I choose some of my favorite things: People fight about the correct word for cookie: half of the countr...dmls5
Well, let me give it a try: Only in Mexico: Eating food at breakfast that is considered "dinner" like rice/beans/tortillas/tamales and salsa  You have t...phantasmagoria5
Countries names that sound funny मंच(फोरम)
I though Ireland was funny when I was younger , mainly because "Ire" means "Pe**s" in my native language , therefore means "Pe**sland" , Uruguay sounds funny as well.
Countries names that sound funny मंच(फोरम)
[quote=Igeethecat] If we can add cities to the topic, Acapulco always sounds funny to me, because in Russian, ‘pulco’ sounds almost like a ‘bubbling’ sound, like when the bubbles of the air e...
Hello, When you say "Iss" in German, nobody understands it as "fuck", right? I think that it's more important to deliver the message that the singer carries with her song than to translate it li...afrobeatz4
Hello to everyone, hola a todos मंच(फोरम)
Welcome to the site  :) I'm sure you will benefit from participating. If you haven't already done so, please read the information under the "Getting Started" heading. Then just work on what you l...
Filthy Pig translation
Greetings! Well, your translation is precise enough, but the one thing you've done weakened an emotional background of the original. The word "Полицай" (from the german: "Polizei") means "Pol...
Alexander Laskavtsev4
I wish I could write more about Russia, but it’s been too long, and only few things come to mind Only in Russia - we have Putin and don’t know how to get rid of hi...Igeethecat4
Similar to Igeethecat's having not been to her homeland Russia in a long time, I have not visited Puerto Rico--land of my grandparents--in almost thirty years. Though I still have many vivid and color...DanielZ4
Seems like we all have presidents we don't know how get rid of 'em lol. Interesting :DRadixIce4
I think that many categories is unnecessary. Beyond poetic/liberal translation, I think the translator can just specify in the title or the comments on that translation, and similarly if know the mete...dionysius4
This a song from my childhood. I'm feeling nostalgic! It is from russian fantasy serial "The guest from future" (Гостья из будущего). "Guest" in feminine, 'cause it's about a girl, who...Andrew Parfen3
Here is my variant: [quote]… Wet asphalt, dull workdays, the latte-takeaway to wake up, good morning, I’ll write, you are to answer me. I’ll dissolve again in the eternal current, we are...Ivan U7n3
Should it be “на школьном дворе”? Пространство неограниченное, не замкнутое, насколько я понимаю, на том дворе кр...Igeethecat3
Dear Azalia, I'm glad you've decided to revive your Russian. You've done a good job, thank you. I suggest a few corrections to make it impeccable. 1. Igeethecat is right. It should be "на шко...sandring3
Thanks a lot, Nadia and Igeethecat! Well, the translation took me a lot of time, all that checking in the dictionary and racking my brain, but I'm glad the result wasn't a total failure, in spite of s...Azalia3
Есть такой старый анекдот про дипломатов: Если мужчина говорит "да" это значит "да"; если "нет" - "нет!"; если "мо...Alexander Laskavtsev3
¡La coma vocativa! ''No te vayas, señor''. Todo el mundo la olvida, ¿por qué?, ¡¿por qué!?Poni de Cthulhu3
Junk Shop translation
Lovely, Jami! I wouldn't change anything except for two little details related to expressions: The word "nomás" is normally used to emphasise whatever you want to say. Based on this: "¡Dale, nom...
Che insensibile translation
Per favore evitate di litigare. Due traduzioni sono meglio di una, qui non stiamo a fare a gara tra chi è più bravo, ma ad aiutarci a vicenda. La traduzione di Michael è più letterale e fedele al...
Σ'ευχαριστω. Να'σαι καλα.Maria Kritikou3
[quote=RadixIce]Hi. What are some things that only exist in your countries and nowhere else? Let's start with mine. I'm from Azerbaijan, as you might already know. Only in AzerbaijanSciera3
[quote=Jadis]Only in France - we eat snails with garlic at breakfast, and frog legs with garlic the rest of the time (this is an outrageous fake, but so do the English think, s...Igeethecat3
Mmm... Interesting thread... ¡Mi turno! Only in Venezuela (Sólo en Venezuela)   We use idiom such as: ¡Na' guará![fn...Enjovher3
[quote=Jadis] - we eat snails with garlic at breakfast, and frog legs with garlic the rest of the time (this is an outrageous fake, but so do the English think, so let them believe it) [...DarkJoshua3
Your profile picture मंच(फोरम)
My profile picture shows food. It was taken on a vacation in a foreign country. I was tired, and uncomfortable by all the things I didn't know, and by the people I met, with whom it was so difficult t...
Rene Fabri3
Well, I'm pretty sure some of the things I've mentioned below may be seen in other contries as well, so… :D From what I read here, I see that Bulgarians share more or less the same mentality with It...nicholas.ovaloff3
[quote=DarkJoshua][quote=Jadis] Only in Sardinia: ▪ Sardinians love their food, even the strangest.Jadis3
This is great and so much fun! I enjoyed reading all your comments. It just shows how unique we're all. We’re all the same and yet so different. Ah, and Italian food is the best in the world and if ...Flopsi3
I could read all of your comments all day long. I just love each and every one of it. Yeah, the English - I'm all about the U.S. My big sis (she lives in Missouri) told me so, that's why I put thos...Flopsi3
Probably only in Germany we have (at least) four different types of garbage bins outside the houses. A yellow one which is exclusively for plastic/aluminum etc. packaging waste and ...Hansi K_Lauer3
Brazilian Dialects मंच(फोरम)
Hi, Before we add them, we ask users to provide some content written in these languages (≅3 lyrics suffice in most cases). For now, you can add these lyrics, mark them as 'Other', then provide us w...
Alma Barroca3
Non-English interface translation मंच(फोरम)
[@lt], seems like some strings are missing: In PROFIL EDIT ■ Password strength: ■ To change the current user password, enter the new password in both fields. ■ Picture...
[quote=Enjovher][Quote= Phanstasmagoria] The police will "ask" for "coperachas" (cooperation from a community) to do their jobs and patrol the community for any criminal activity (drugs, t...Sciera3
Stanze 3: чем богаты, тем и рады - sounds like an idiom - like 'be happy/satisfied with what you have" - Stanza 5: Banks only lend money - so, I'd say: Banks will finance anything...moose amos3
[quote=DarkJoshua]This comes as a surprise to me. I've lived with a Cypriot Turk for a while and from what I could understand, Turks in general are very proud of their country and culture. I can't pic...Meteliah3
[quote=Igeethecat]Olé, olé, olé... But, really, is it safe to travel to Mexico? I really wanted to go there, but now I am kinda scared :([/quote] It's safe to travel, I'm there half of the yea...phantasmagoria3
Junk Shop translation
the closest to the proverb "el que no llora no mama" is a slightly different image: the squeaky wheel gets the grease
Μοναχός translation
Η μετάφραση είναι υπέροχη. Έχει γίνει πολύ καλή δουλειά και έχει κρατηθεί το μέτρο με ομοιοκαταληξίες χωρίς ...
Countries names that sound funny मंच(फोरम)
In Portuguese: - Peru is a turkey. - And it is not exactly country and yes nationality. Rosquinha that is donut, in Bulgarian means Russian female
Nadejda Silva3
Countries names that sound funny मंच(फोरम)
Jamaica- in Russian is pronounced like “yamaika”, which in Russian sounds like «я-майка» - “I am a tank top/ A-shirt”. :)