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Your Refuge

Nothing's better than loving you
You're like the warm sun and I'm Mars
It's never enough and I don't know how to reciprocate
But there's nothing more beautiful than trying a million times over
Can't think straight when I'm in love
Won't take back the kisses I left on your neck last night
We're a mess but it's true, we love each other
When you pass by me, time stands still
Who was going to tell me that all this would happen?
Let me be your refuge, let me help you
We'll get through life together, I'll remind you if you forget
That we've grown up fighting but unintentionally fell in love
So much has happened and now there's no fear in saying I love you
Let me get angry like a child
You know I'd never leave, I'm only happy with you
You've got your problems, I know you hide your bad habits
I love when you dance, without realizing that someone's watching you
You snooze the alarm five times
And go back to sleep, even though it's ringing
You leave the coffee half gone and I always finish it
And when you leave a message, I always forget
But who was going to tell you that all this would happen?
Let me be your refuge...
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Tu refugio