Un vers vuelh far, chantador (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

Old Occitan

Un vers vuelh far, chantador

Un vers vuelh far, chantador,
cubert e clus, per vezer
greu e leu entendedor
lai on sens vol apparer;
per so ja us no·n gap ni·n crit
tro n'aya la flor triada
que·l nesci agra tost delit.
E·l no sabens muza e bada
quan savieza·l bistensa.
Ja non dey per la calor
mon coratge retener
de so don suy en error,
que selh mal, don piegz esper,
per tot lo segle aug brugit.
Per mort, al viu desguizada,
que s'esgau quan al temps auzit
foldatz, que·ns er prezentada,
qui sai non a quist guirensa?
Grans esfreys senes paor
vey del ver, pretz remaner
et als, sas, querre dolor
que·ls fa d'aut en bas cazer.
Selh qu'an fin joy mes en oblit
per estranh'ira privada,
ans que ayon nou vielh complit
ni la cuyd'a far tomada,
er lur segurtatz fallensa.
Qui sec lo camin major
per clar jorn pren escur ser;
e passon tug li pluzor,
que paucx ni vey remaner:
et ans que sian avertit
er trop corta la jornada.
Per lonc voler dezenantit,
qu'espan quo fai la rozada,
menan folla captenensa.
Issoblit de peccador
per messonja laissa·l ver;
l'engans fer l'enganador
si tot l'acueih son plazer
e quan l'a un pauc ressentit
al pus fa sa trascambada;
e quan l'a el vas sebellit
sa razos l'es cambiada:
dos en amar s'a valensa.
Dompnas e drut e senhor
an erguelh que·ls fa doler
e lauzengier bauzador
an trop en mal dir lezer,
quar per lo frug li fals falhit;
es bona fes eyssauzada
e·l motz fatz l'estratz qu'a trazit:
de proeza n'an tomada,
non an valor ni sufrensa.
So·ns retrazon li auctor:
«Fals'amistatz tolh poder
de servir a fin'amor,
qui·s va ab lieys captener».
Yeu ai nel sordey cauzit,
quar tan la n'ai sopleyada;
tost ac Samson afrevolit
e fa tota la linhada
que pres d'en Adam nayssensa.
Mas Dieus m'en a tant escarit
que·m n'a membransa donada:
non deu perir ma semensa.
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अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी
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As a singer, I want to write a piece

As a singer, I want to write a piece
[which is] cryptic and esoteric, to part
the slow- from the quick-witted
there, where the ingenuity will appear;
therefore, let no one mock or decry it
until he has spotted the pearl
that the clueless would have quickly ignored.
And the ignorant muses and gapes
when knowledge embarrasses him.
Yet, I shouldn't, because of the heat,
hold back from
the things that bother me,
for that evil, from which I expect worse,
I hear, is spreading through the world.
Against death (which is concealed to the living,
and rejoices when folly, which will be reproached
to us, makes us waste time),
who hasn't sought protection?
I see great agitations that do not
fear the truth, virtue grow faint
and other, though wise, seek the pain
that makes them fall from high to low.
Those who have put pure joy aside
for the sake of a bitter, secret grudge,
before they have turned their new pleasure into the old
and have had a chance to turn back,
will have their assurance fail them.
He who follows the broader path
confuses the clear day with the dark evening;
still, the vast majority pass there,
for I only see a few left
and, before they are warned,
the day will be too short.
Debauched by prolonged lust,
which spreads as dew does,
they keep a foolish conduct.
The neglect of a sinner
abandons truth for lie;
deception bites the deceiver back,
although it sharpens his pleasure,
and, after having tested him a bit,
it usually trips him;
and, when it has buried him deep,
its attitude is changed:
its essence turns from sweet to bitter.
Ladies and lovers and husbands
have a pride that makes them suffer
and the malicious slanderers
have too much ease of talking ill,
for, as far as the fruit goes, treason is beyond all bounds;
good will is praised
but the madded word that goes around undoes it;
prowess turns them away:
they have neither valour nor endurance.
The authors tell us this:
"Treacherous affection prevents
from serving pure love
those who follow it."
I have chosen the wrong side,
for I have supported it so much;
it quickly weakened Samson
and does the same with the entire lineage
that owes its birth to Adam.
But god has graced me so much
that he has given me recollection:
my seed must not perish.
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)
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